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Scorpion "Revenge" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I don't know how it's possible, but this show keeps getting better and better each week. This time, the team have to figure out how to deal with a team member getting seriously hurt and still have to work on the case. Which doesn't make it easy one bit.

No one doesn't deal too well with a friend getting seriously hurt, but I'm sure it's probably a lot harder for genius' to deal with something like this, since it's something new to all of them. Walter, of course, blames himself that Sylvester got hurt at their new crime scene. Sylvester did not want to be there and Walter knew it, but told him to stay.

They have a new agent helping them that is an old friend of Gallo's. Her name is Simone. Didn't totally like her at first because she was being really hard on the team and kind of clashed with Paige. Paige wanted the team to have at least a few minutes to make sense of what had just happened, but Simone said that this is the best time to have them work. Not sure if either one of them was right, but it certainly drove Walter.

So, the reason why they were at the crime scene is that a group had broken into a safe making place all to test out how to crack into a new vault that they were building and they were one scary group. Something got left behind from them that blew up when Sylvester went to move it. Poor guy, as if he doesn't have enough to be afraid of, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Since the guys can't be at the hospital with their friend to make sure he wakes up fine and to make sure his brain is still in tact (one of the things that the doctors said might not be the same), Walter has Megan come visit and keep a watch out on him. It's so cute that Megan and Sylvester have become friends and I love the fact that we are getting to see Megan more.

Eventually, Walter and the team find the bad guys, but it doesn't end the way they wanted it to end. Walter felt terrible that he hesitated pulling up the bad guy for just a second (after he had fallen off the roof) and thought that the guy dying was Walter's fault. But according to Sylvester (yes, his brain is fine), that if Walter would have tried to save him, they would have both gone over.

Now poor Sylvester. I was wondering if something like this was gonna happen and I hope he, through Megan's help, can help him come over this. The only place Sylvester has truly felt safe, was Scorpion. Now that he has gotten hurt on the job, he's afraid and doesn't know if he can go back to work. He doesn't want Walter to know, however, I'm not sure if it'll take long for Walter to learn that. It was sweet to learn how important Sylvester was to the team. Especially to Toby. Sylvester, a long time ago, ended up selling his huge comic book collection to help Toby pay some bills and Toby was afraid he'd never get to pay back his friend. He did in the end and it was cute that they were all reading the comic books at his bed side. 

I was kind of suspecting this at the end, with Simone, that she started to have a thing for Walter. Good for Walter, though, to realize that it wouldn't have been a good idea to do that, since he is trying to work out feelings for Paige. Who actually went on a sort of date with Drew. I was shocked when he asked her out, but I'm not sure if she was just doing it just to do it or if she wanted to see if there was something there again or what. But she cut the date short because she wanted to be with Sylvester. Though, I believe that was an excuse and she really has feelings for Walter and doesn't want to mess up something that could happen.