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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "What They Become" (Winter Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Happy Father's Day? Well, not really because this is so not how Skye pictured meeting her dad and I'm sure this isn't who Skye dreamed her father was, a killer. Who seemed pretty good at keeping his anger down. I wonder if it's when he gets angry, is when he turns into something ugly? Because it seemed to me that every time he started to lose it, he had to wait a few minutes and start over. Aside from being a killer, her dad thinks that Skye has some sort of special gift and needs her to enter the temple in order for some creepy change to happen. 

Never fear because, Coulson and his team are on their way to try to do whatever it takes to get Skye out of there and away from the city. But it doesn't do much good, since it all leads to that anyways. I've never read any of the comic books so I don't know what it means that Skye's real name is Grace and what will happen now that she's supposedly transformed into something and when that was happening, I thought for sure she was the one that died.

If she was the one who ended up dying, I would have been very upset. I still am upset that it ended up being Triplett, but he wasn't someone I had really took a liking too, so it was ok for me, at least. But they never showed Raina. What happened to her now that she, I'm thinking, transformed as well or did she die too?

I wonder now that Skye has transformed, does that mean that Mac will be back to his normal self or is he still being controlled by the city? Fitz and Simmons think he was being controlled and that makes way more sense now and since when Skye and Raina both ran into him, he didn't fight them. He just fought the ones that weren't worthy to get through.

That scene at the end was pretty intense. The city looked like it was falling apart all on it's own because it probably served it's purpose or maybe this is just all the process of Skye transforming into whatever she's transforming into. But what does that mean for the fate of the others that are trapped in the building still? Are they still alive or is everybody buried alive now?

That was the cliffhanger. But I started wondering if Grant could be a little good, like is there still hope for him? He was doing all of this to keep his promise to Skye of meeting her dad. Her dad was doing all of this to meet his daughter and to be able to get revenge on his wive's murder, but Grant doesn't totally fit into the whole story, like Whitehall was suggesting. Sure some of it was powered by love and yes, Grant is still bad since he killed a whole lot of people, but it just makes me wonder if there is still hope for him and for Skye. 

Skye's dad was so mad that Coulson shot Whitehall before he had a chance to kill him himself. So mad in fact that he wanted to try to kill Coulson! I'm so glad Skye showed up when she did, though she couldn't kill her own father, but she still saved him from killing Coulson. 

Please tell me there's some hope for Fitz and Simmons to make up? They are starting to act like the team I know and fell in love with in the beginning. No matter what Simmons says, but I believe she has feelings for Fitz. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but I still think there's more to that that I hope we will see in the second half of the season. I want my favorite team back together again.

Was that Whitehall at the end? Coming back to life with no eyes? How creepy was that?! Is there more then one of those weapons out? Since he had one and it was lighting up and he knew what that meant and whoever he called, I'm thinking, had one as well because they knew what had just happened to. What does it mean, though that there's another one? Another one like Skye's mom or what? If they want to hunt Skye down like Skye's mom and butcher her to death, I doubt that will ever come to be. If it does, they will have one angry Grant and Coulson coming after them for revenge and I for one would not want to be on Grant's bad side.