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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Ye Who Enter Here" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What a creepy way to start out the show. Skye having a pretty weird dream. I can't even understand what was going on. I'm thinking maybe Skye was having some weird flashback of when May and Coulson first found Skye as a baby? Like maybe May and Coulson have known way more then they've let Skye to believe.

The search is now over for the hidden alien city and Coulson wants to get rid of it? Bobbie has her doubts and is wondering if Coulson has another plan up his sleeve, because that's something that Agent Fury would do, but Coulson swears that all he wants to do, is destroy the city and protect the people. I actually believe him. Though I have a funny feeling that something terrible is gonna go down in the hidden city even more horrible then what happened to Mac.

I'm not sure what's going on with Raina. That whole part at the end was just odd. Though I could see why Coulson wanted Skye to be the one who was with Raina because he knew that they would bond and talk and  Raina would reveal something she normally wouldn't reveal. It worked and now they know that Whitehall wants Raina alive because she can touch the "diviner" - what she calls it - and says that Skye can too. In a way, I kind of believe Raina. Because I know Skye is special, but I'm not exactly sure what all she can do, I just know she's different and doesn't know it yet.

Billy and Sam are hilarious! I really wonder how many there are of them? They say 13, but it sounded more like an inside joke then the truth. But I'm glad that he wasn't dead like we all thought. I'd still love to know his background and how he just always seems to pop up everywhere with more then one of himself.

Well, I gotta give it to Grant to keeping his promise to Skye about seeing her dad, but he could have gone about it a different way. I'm thinking if Coulson was there, things would have turned out a little differently, but he wasn't, so Skye had to go with Grant or else things would have turned bad. But as it turns out, that wasn't part of the plan and Whitehall doesn't seem too thrilled with Grant with doing that. So, that could mean something bad for Skye and for Grant. I do sort of believe that if Grant truly has such strong feelings for Skye like I think he does, then I don't think he'd let anything bad happen to her. Though his judgment lately hasn't been totally predictable, so maybe my feelings on that are way off.

Skye learns that something horrible will happen if anybody tries to enter the city, but never actually gets to let Coulson know. Mainly because they have no service where they are at and that's when Grant decided to "board" the plane. The minute the thing lit up that Mac touched, I knew something horrible would happen. That whole ghost story I believe isn't what really goes on down there. I think people try to enter the city and then they touch that and then turn into what Mac turned into and they all kill each other. I'm guessing Mac died, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he showed up if they try to enter the city again. Poor Fitz. He wanted to so badly go work with Mac wherever he worked on the bus, that he didn't want to kill his friend, even though it wasn't Mac anymore. So, I guess with Mac out of the picture, this will force Fitz and Simmons to try to resolve their issues and work together again.

Which we finally got a little bit of that taste of the team again that I've truly missed. I didn't realize I missed it so much until I think Mac sort of made it that Fitz had to rely on Simmons to figure out what he had to say in that moment. That conversation that they first had after Mac left (and he was so funny when he told the truth on why he was leaving), did not go the way I was hoping it would go. According to Simmons, she's never had any feelings like Fitz has had for her. But Bobbie thought that they were an item and that's why they haven't been talking. So, clearly Simmons does have feelings for Fitz and just isn't wanting to admit them yet. At least, that's what I think anyways.