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Castle "Castle, P.I." Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Introducing, Castle P.I. A bit rocky at first, but once it got into it, something I throughly enjoyed. Sure, I miss Castle and Kate actually getting to work together, but I can totally see this being a thing. Maybe not for too long because part of me is still hoping that someone works their magic and gets Castle his old job back, but still, if this is what it has to be for the time being, I for one loved it.

It does put new tests on their marriage though. Not being able to disclose all that's happening, but it made for some very fun scenes. Like them both wanting to try to get each other a little drunk in hoping to get info out of each other. Them then realizing that just this once, it's ok to break the rules a little bit because they were both stuck. In a way, though, I believe it helped with their marriage. 

We never did find out who Castle's client actually was. I believe he made the whole thing up so he could work on a case and not be bored to death at home. During that whole time, though, why didn't he start on a new book? Of course, without being on the job and doing what inspires him, probably didn't help with the writing.

I really hope the Captain realizes that the team works well together and she's the one who makes it so Castle can work with them again. I mean, she didn't break up the party of them talking about the case right away. So, I hope there's a small glimmer of hope in that. 

Ugh, Perlmutter is back. Am I one of the few who doesn't totally like him? I don't know if his personal distaste against Castle that I don't like or what. I am surprised that he didn't report Castle on reading his file of the dead body. But where was Laney? 

Kate realizes that maybe, just maybe, Castle can actually beat them at their own game. It doesn't help that he keeps showing up to each new lead ahead of them and how he's doing that, I have no clue, since he doesn't have access to the stuff they have. But if it wasn't for them both spilling what they had, they'd still be stuck at square one and if it wasn't Castle for completing ignoring the rules, too, they'd have the wrong murderer. 

In the end, it ended up being the lawyer that the lady went to see. The victim was researching her boyfriends death 15 years ago because she believes it was a cover up and that her boyfriend was killed. No one knows who put the hit out on the lady and I won't be surprised if they bring this back up again, since it wasn't a closed case and I actually wasn't expecting it to be the lawyer. 

Castle realizes in the end that he actually wants to keep doing this for a while. Well, I already approved of that. It looks like Kate does too, because how awesome was that present she gave him? I can totally see him wearing that to work.