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Castle "Private Eye Caramba" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Castle's very first client as private investigator may seem dull at first, but trust me, all is not as it seems in the private eye world.

Maybe it's because I've watched this show long enough, but I kind of figured the missing purse case and the murder would somehow wind up together. The real reason why both things happened, though, was a shock to me.

I am missing Kate and Castle actually working together a bit more after this episode, but I'm still really enjoying the private eye angle. Martha might be right, though. Castle might just be too stubborn to admit that he has to walk away for a while. But he insists that this is what he wants to do and that he just has to get his name out there before the right cases find him.

That first right case was thanks to Kate. Who thought Castle would enjoy a simple missing purse, but who knew that they would tie together? Ok, I did and maybe I'm not the only one who thought that, but still, it was fun seeing all these twists and turns this show is known for before they land on the true killer.

The reason why Anna ended up dying was what I wasn't expecting. She wanted to start her own TV company/show, all with women and the TV show she worked for was upset. So upset that he wanted to have her never work again, for good. Like all killers they say "Oh, I didn't mean to kill her, though.". Layla tied into the case because she was the money that was going to help the business come alive, her father was totally against it, though. Sophia needed the flash drive (the ubs as she called it) in order to seal the deal.

Castle's missing months were mentioned, but only briefly. People were calling him at work telling them his theories about why he went missing. Which makes me wonder (or perhaps it's wishful thinking) that this could possibly be a way for Castle to find out more of why and how he disappeared? I really hope that story hasn't gotten shoved under the table for good.

Ryan is still trying to be Castle. I.E. coming up with the crazy theories. Some of them, I can actually see Castle saying, others, not so much. But it's still fun that Ryan has felt the need to fill his role. Though, I'm sure Ryan would be upset that Castle used his name in order to get info on the limo he tracked. Which led to him being kidnapped, but Ryan and Espo saving Castle, even though they didn't totally mean to. Well, I'm sure they would once they found out he was kidnapped, but they didn't know he had been.

In a cool narrative voice like Castle's (loved those parts) "And Kate and Castle walked off together, happy that both cases were solved and lived happily ever after. Well, that is until the next case that comes their way."