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Hawaii Five-0 "Ka Hana Malu (Inside Job)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I just love it when Aunt Deb visits. Though this visit was a bit sad, but it was also happy at the same time, too. She finally found her soul mate, but he's not all as it seems. Steve immediately has doubts about him, so of course, he looks into it.

While all of that is going on, they have one very interesting case that went down different paths until they finally found the real killer. Which was one that surprised me. I like those ones, though, it was a bit sad. Man, this episode had all sort of emotions in them, sheesh.

Anyways, parents of two kids were murdered. All signs either pointed to the two kids, which I was hoping wouldn't be the case or to the neighbor who was acting very odd. Especially when she said the three of them would be happy, but there are four. But that lead down somewhere I wasn't expecting. One of the sons, Travis, was actually involved with the neighbor. They loved each other and they didn't want to tell the parents. 

I was sure thinking that it was going to be the lawyer. Especially when the dog freaked out when he saw them all at the house. But that was a no go. It ended up being the mom (yep, the one that died), that put the hit out on both of them. Because she wanted her sons to have a fresh start and have the money. Her kids couldn't believe she'd do something like that. But I think it had to do with something that her husband did. Her husband wasn't very trustworthy and did some horrible stuff that really embarrassed her and I think that had something to do with it.

Aunt Deb's future husband actually ended up working for the mob as a lawyer and was supposedly in some pretty bad stuff. But it wasn't all it seemed. After he explained to Steve what really happened and that he actually hadn't gotten rid of the evidence (kept it all this time), then Steve was able to realize that the guy was actually a good guy and truly loved his Aunt. Both were dying, though. Slowly, but they are. That's what made it sad. Even though it was a quick engagement, they wanted to go through with it, since neither of them would be around much longer and wanted to live life to its fullest and make each other happy. 

I hope Steve listened to his Aunt when she said that he needs to risk the big question to someone. It was nice that we finally got some sort of closure from Katherine. At least one thing got closure. Even if it took almost the whole rest of the season for us to finally learn of what happened. She did eventually find the kid, but she believes they are still in trouble, so she was gonna try and help them get back to safety and is never planning on coming home. Which actually broke Steve up a bit. I didn't know he had that strong of feelings toward Katherine. But I hope he can now move on and find someone and listen to his Aunt and won't let that person get away again.