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NCIS "Check" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So, Gibb's ex wives return, yes, both of them! I thought it was going to be hilarious and it was. Gibbs trying to deal with them while working a new case and now he has to be off of caffeine for a while because of some heart test he was going in for or whatever. All of that and now he has to deal with someone coming after him, very personally.

I was a bit bored at first, but once Abby clued us in on what was going on, I was very intrigued. Though I was dreading one thing and was hoping it wouldn't come to that point, but sadly it did and now Gibbs is even more angry and I would not want to be on his bad side.

Remember Sergi from the beginning of the season? Well, he's back (finally) and wants Gibbs to pay for what he has done to his family. But they aren't exactly sure what family Sergi is referring to. Oh and also remember the Internet hack? That guy was working with Sergi in order to get to Gibbs and know what would trigger his emotions and such.

The first killing, before Abby even mentioned it when she was letting us in on why the case was familiar, it dawned on me that it was the same set up as Shepards killing. Then there was the Mike set up and then the dreaded one. The one I was hoping they wouldn't do, but it was a very important one to Gibbs, so I guess they had to do it. I should have known that something odd was gonna happen when Gibbs went to meet his second wife when he got that crypt call from her. It didn't dawn on me what was happening until it dawned on Gibbs what was happening. The horrible Kate scene was relived, but this time with Diane being killed. Ugh, how awful for Gibbs to have to relive that one.

This also sets Jimmy off and not wanting to cut open another friend. Does this mean he quit or does he just have to take a step back? Please oh please not have him quit! He's one of my favorites that hardly gets screen time to begin with. I know he has a kid on the way, but please don't get rid of another cast member so soon. That story wasn't solved, though, so we don't know what will happen with Jimmy. But I really really hope he decides to stay.

If I would have known that this was a two parter, I would have been prepared. What happened to putting that in the info? They don't seem to do that much these days. But it's nice to have a story line like this one for a while. How long it'll last, I don't know. But they could make it last until the season finale, though I hope not. And I also hope that Fornell isn't the next one to die. That'd be horrible still. But I'm not totally sure what big killing scene would be next. Hopefully he doesn't think of staging when Gibbs' wife and daughter died. Not sure if I could watch that. It was hard enough to watch the Kate scene again, even though it wasn't actually her that we saw die. 

 This was the episode they needed to jolt the program back to what it was and I for one can't wait to see the final climax scene of the story line. Let's just hope it doesn't end in another death.