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NCIS: LA "Spiral" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Not a bad episode, but the one thing that kind of bugged me was that after Deeks and Kensi got together in the Christmas episode, none of that or the Nell and Eric trip was never mentioned. Like it didn't happen. Bugs me so much when stuff like that happens. Hoping it is brought up soon. But other then that, it was a pretty good episode.

Callen's new undercover job goes from bad to worse all in a matter of seconds. I already didn't like the boss he was working for, but that's who Callen was supposedly targeting. Little did he know that he had the wrong target the whole time. It was the people that were fixing up the place that he should have been worried about.

The minute they didn't kill the doctor, though it did help that Callen intervened in that, I knew she was apart of it somehow. Though it was a surprise to learn that she was the person behind all of it and that the team didn't know at all. But it makes me wonder if they did because one of the bad guys said that only one of them needed to get out alive. 

While all of this is going on, the team is trying to figure out how to get in, which is made worse because they realize that the whole place is rigged to blow. Sam goes on a hunt to find Callen, since he knows how his partner works and that he would have somehow gotten out of the hostage room and Deeks and Kensi go into the hostage room to try to disarm the bombs. However, it's easier said then done, since Deeks failed his test and once put under pressure, he had a hard time thinking about what to do to disarm the bombs. Thank goodness he did it right, though.

So yeah, in the end, it ended up being the Doctor because the drug that they were working on, accidentally turned into a bio weapon and the Doctor wasn't who she said she was. She was the one who wanted to steal the drug and use it. It's deadly and so deadly that I thought it was gonna be the end of Callen when he got exposed of it. Yay for the hospital in Georgia for already have a vaccine of it and they were able to send Callen there right away and he's alive and well now. Phew, I never know how shows will go these days, though I do hope that they wouldn't kill off the main star.