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NCIS: New Orleans "The Abyss" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Who else agrees with me that Agent Borin should have her own show? I mean, I love it every time she guest stars on NCIS and loved it even more when she was on New Orleans. I can totally see her own show happening in the future and it being a fun adventure. I mean, she doesn't really have a home port, she can go anywhere she's needed. Yeah, I can totally see it happening. CBS should consider that as a new spin off. Hint, hint!

So, the reason why Agent Borin is in New Orleans is because she has one interesting case. That ended sadly and I was so hoping it wouldn't end like that. But still, it was fun trying to solve what happened. Not to mention, did Agent Borin and Pride have some sort of relationship a while ago? It totally seemed like that to me in some scenes. I could be reading it wrong, but still, I just kind of sensed that and I also love it that it seems that they've connected everybody to everybody on NCIS' somehow.

Their new case, two college students were murdered and one was missing and they didn't know why. It all led to buried treasure that they were trying to find and did find and someone else wanted it all to herself.

The killer for this one, was surprising. It ended up being the teacher that the girl who was missing, Anna, went to school with. All because the teacher had talked about other people finding treasures and she was never able to and she wanted some glory and money to herself. But Anna ended up dying. I was so hoping she was alive, but she died trying to protect her friend. 

We finally meet Chris' brother! That was a surprise. At the beginning, I thought that they were talking about Paul and searching for him, but it ended up being Chris' brother. I can't remember what's wrong with his brother, though, but it seems pretty serious. I didn't think Chris was going to get a happy ending with that, but it eventually worked out, at least for now. I doubt this is the last time we will see his brother, though. Seems like an interesting story line. 

Sebastian and Agent Borin scenes were pretty funny and awesome all at the same time! Learned that Borin is kind of an alien nerd, maybe or was she just teasing him? Either way, it made for some fun scenes between those two. 

Again, no mention of the Paul story line, so makes me wonder if that was also an early set up for the season finale. It seems like an exciting one, so I guess I can wait until May. Sooner would be better, but I'm not sure if that'll be the case.