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NCIS: New Orleans "Baitfish" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Both NCIS' seemed to be going after the same thing. Targeting the main star of the show. But even though they had that in common, I felt like both story lines were very different and very exciting. 

I knew it was going to be a calm before the storm at the party they were at. Everybody was dancing and having fun and that's not normally how the show starts. I didn't expect a bomb to go off, though. Nobody was too badly hurt. A couple were dead, though and Laurel's boyfriend got seriously hurt. So bad in fact, that I was expecting a funeral at the end of the episode. Thank goodness it never got to that, though. Yes, he's awake now.

The bomb, in fact, was intended for Pride. But who would want to kill him? It all points back to someone who's trying to set back up a big mob family that Pride shut down before he became an NCIS agent. I thought that was the case as well, but man, they decided to throw us one of those lovely twists at the end.

I do believe that Sasha (the daughter of the mob family), is in on it. Because I was just sensing the whole time that she wasn't fully telling the whole truth. Plus, how'd the guy get all that money at the end? Even though she was instrumental in setting up her own brother to getting arrested, I still felt that she was in on it with Paul.

Yep, Paul didn't actually end up dying in the bomb at his house. Though he wanted everybody else to believe that. He's in fact the true bad guy. That was a twist I didn't see coming. Though it confirms that sad story about him accidentally killing the little girl that Pride told, was true. I was hoping that he was being framed for that one, but when they said that Paul hadn't died in the bomb, I knew it had to be true and that Paul is the real bad guy. 

Hopefully Pride realizes that now. Though I'm sure he'll start blaming himself and saying that if he never made him his CI in order to turn in the mob family, that all of this probably wouldn't have happened. I just hope they get Paul before he tries something terrible and I have a feeling that since the job didn't get done in the first place, that something major will be coming.