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Once Upon A Time "Heroes and Villains" (Winter Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Everything comes together and finishes, or so you think. Yes, the first half of the season with Elsa and Anna has come to a close and I for one, am actually sad to see them leave. Though, I was thinking that the whole portal Mr. Gold found was going to be a trap, but it wasn't. It was just something to get the attention off of him while he tried to do his thing with the hat. But I'm getting a head of myself now. Let's go back a little ways.

Since the Snow Queen died, they thought that the curse was broken and that the wall could be taken down and it was, but the Snow Queen also had something else up there. A barrier. If someone got out, they could never, ever come back. Which means something horrible in store for Regina.

Can't she ever get a happy ending? I guess since she's a villain and she has her mind set on the fact that villains never get a happy ending, she'll never get one. What happened to that hope that Mary Margaret convinced her to have? I guess that was all thrown out the window when the curse on Marin was brought back after her heart was given back to her. I thought just once, Regina was gonna have some happiness, but sadly, no. Regina said that the only way for Marin to get better is to have her and her family (yes, Robin too) leave! This poor town, haven't they gone through enough without having a new boarder to deal with? I hope it gets taken down and soon!

Aw, Belle. So glad you are getting more screen time, but man, that was one of the hardest scenes I've had to watch! Finding out that man you love has been lying to you this whole time must have been hard, but to use the thing he hates against him to make him leave town must have been the worst thing ever! I don't know if Belle did the right thing or not because I think Mr. Gold knows way more about the Author then we think and I think he can also take down the boarder that blocks the town again. Not to mention, he's bringing three new villains to town! Not one, not two, but three! And they are probably the worst of the worst! I just don't know how he plans on getting back through to Storybrooke and I doubt this is the last we will see of him. Kind of like when he died. I was sad, but hello, he's a pretty important character, he can't just not be on the show.

Finally, Emma realizes what's really going on with the whole portal and Mr. Gold and Hook and tries to rescue everybody, but Mr. Gold has magic of his own and stops them from coming up. But here comes Belle to the rescue! Basically saves Hook's life (which I am so happy for!) and gets Mr. Gold out of town.

Hook and Emma reunion was pretty awesome! He didn't leave a second without kissing Emma for real this time. Also, how cute was it hearing Henry call Belle Grandma? It was weird to her and to me, but still, it was cute. Speaking of Henry, he found a hidden place in the mansion. A library with books that look exactly like his story book! So, this is the place where the Author lives! Which pretty much confirms what I've been wondering for a while. That the Author is in fact the Sorcerer! Well, that and Mr. Gold told Ursula that we can just call him the Author for right now. Meaning he knows who it is and how he said it made me wonder if he actually meant the Sorcerer! I also loved it that we got to see actual closure of Anna and Elsa. Anna ended up getting married after they dealt with Hans (which she punched him, would have loved seeing that, though!). It was cute that they didn't leave that story hanging.

Fairy tale world. The first time we saw Rumple have feelings for Belle and it's because she was kidnapped by Ursula, Cruella and Maleficent! That was a pretty cool story line. Seeing that happen. I wanna know how they made it to the real world and aren't in Storybrooke. I'm sure that'll be filled in later with their backstories when they come into play in the second half of the season.