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Person of Interest "The Devil You Know" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode is exciting from the minute we start. Because we start right when Shaw realizes she's been comprised and a huge shoot out begins in the middle of the department store. She gets out, thanks to Root suddenly showing up, but it just goes from there. Just switches to John now with the excitement.

Their new number is Elias, yes again. I never trusted him for a minute, especially when he pulled the gun on John, again, after John told him not to. But towards the end, I was feeling a little bad for Elias. Yes, he is bad, but I guess he's the lesser of the two evils. Dominic is scary and so is Elias, but Elias is just different and I don't know how to describe it.

I guess it has to do with Elias caring so much for his friend. I have a feeling Dominic would never do that for a friend. We also got a bit of a back story for Elias. That house they were in, was the house that he stayed in when he was younger and where he met his friends.

Shaw learns of John being in trouble and totally wants to go and help him get out of it. So much so that I wonder if she might have different feelings for John or if that was just more of them just being friends and her wanting to protect him. Either way, Root and the team knew it was a bad idea to let Shaw go anywhere near what was going on, so they tricked her. She's gonna be one mad lady when she wakes up. At first, I thought Root had gone bad again when she stuck the needle in Shaw, but it was all part of Harold's plan to keep Shaw out of it.

Throughout the end of the episode, I had a funny feeling that something terrible was gonna happen. Like Elias dying and how I wouldn't want that to happen, I don't know. Kind of like the same with Root. I don't like her, yet, I don't want her to die either. Anyways, I thought it was the end when Elias went back in to give himself up. John somehow managed to get inside again and save Elias, but not his friend. The minute Elias said his goodbye to his friend and gave up the safe number, I figured there was something wrong with it. It turned out to be a bomb and I think Elias' friend knew that. Elias wants Harold and John to stay out of the way so that he can get revenge on his friend.

Not that I mind the brotherhood story at all, but I feel like the Machine vs. Samaritan is way more interesting and I hope that becomes the main focus point soon and not just the background story.