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Pretty Little Liars "Bin Of Sin" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

You know, you'd think the girls would learn by now that once everything seems to be obvious that -A is a certain person, it normally isn't. Normally, that doesn't totally bother me in this show and I still love it, don't get me wrong, but can't they see that they have the wrong girl/guy? I mean, how can Ali be orchestrating all of this stuff from a jai cell in the first place? Though I'm not sure Holbrook is totally innocence on working with -A, but I don't think he's the main source they've been looking for. Other then that though, I totally loved this weeks episode.

The big "What's in the barrel?" question wasn't totally answered like we all thought. Well, it sort of was and they are thinking that it's Mona's remains in the barrel. But that wasn't confirmed. Though I shouldn't be too surprised myself that something that big isn't revealed yet. I've watched this show long enough to know that even if they say something might be coming, it normally means it's not. At least, not yet anyways.

At least one truth has come out of this episode. Aria finally comes clean to Ezra about the letter and his reaction at first, was something I wasn't expecting. Hey, if I read a letter like that, I'd totally go off thinking I had completely destroyed the persons' life. But he played it off as her being a good writer and saying what she had to say to get into college and so did Aria. However, both actually knew they were lying to each other and to themselves. Which led to a "Are you sure you want to stay together? Is it safe or good for you to do this in college? You might miss out on stuff". Which is exactly what Aria wonders in the end credits when she realizes that she did miss out on high school being with Ezra. I'm not sure if they will break up, but I sense some rocky roads ahead for them.

Speaking of another rocky road, Ashley has decided not to tell Ted about her and Jason. Which has bad idea written all over it. Since you know Rosewood, a secret that juicy won't stay a secret for long. Especially if -A wants to try to get to Hanna with some new stuff and this would be something -A would be all over. I'm surprised they haven't said anything about it. But maybe -A does know and is waiting for the perfect timing to drop the bomb. Jason and Ashley did have another moment, after she clearly told him this could never happen again. Does Jason have feeling for Ashley or what? Or does Ashley have feelings for Jason and they both don't want to admit it? I hope not, that'd be awkward all the way around. But still, I doubt this is the last time we've seen Jashley. 

My favorite couple seems to be spiraling out of control. This is the first time I've actually wanted to slap Toby. He out right lies to Spencer. Saying he won't be home because of work, when in fact he left at that very minute! I couldn't believe he'd do that to Spencer, but I think he's frustrated with her since she's just trying to get answers out of him, but he can't, he'd lose his job if someone found out that he's been saying stuff he can't. Spencer doesn't seem to understand that. 

-A really has turned up the attacks on the girls. Literally wanting to deep freeze Spencer and Aria. In a way, I was glad in that very moment that they had split up in the very creepy abandoned ice cream factory. Though I knew something terrible was gonna come out of it, but I just didn't know what. Emily is the one who saved the day. But man, what an intense moment.

Finally, I was right about something! The new girl does have a thing for Emily and admits it this time. Saying all those things she was talking about, about Ezra was her trying to figure out who Emily was interested in. I'm not sure if Emily was thrilled with the news or upset. I mean, they've had a rocky start ever since they met and Emily did just get over a long relationship, so I'm not sure if this is a new relationship for her or just a friendship. Either way, glad to know I was right about something.

Spencer, Emily and Aria were on the right track with tracking the evidence, though they thought it was Hanna moving it and I did too since we saw them trying to break into move the stuff, but they actually hadn't done a thing with it when the girls arrived at the factory. My thinking is that -A had this trap all along and wanted to try to get rid of one or all the girls in that creepy freezer. The evidence was there, they just hadn't found it yet. Which that means the storage place was completely empty with the barrel left there. Why would the detective lady open the barrel after Toby left? Anybody else find that a bit odd? She did find blood, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I'm thinking bad, since we all know how this show goes whenever someone find some bit of evidence. -A isn't stupid, that's for sure.