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Pretty Little Liars "Fresh Meat" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is it just me or does -A seem to be keeping his or her mouth shut for the moment again? Or is -A attacking the girls differently? Maybe the knife Toby found was a plant by -A to disrupt Toby and Spencer's relationship. Maybe -A really is the reason why Aria isn't getting into college. Or I guess Ali could be -A and she can't do much from a cell, but I doubt that's the case. Mainly because when all fingers point toward someone in this show, it usually means that's not the person they are really looking for.

Ali is just as odd as ever even when she's in jail. That whole conversation with her and Toby was odd. It almost sounded like a threat, but not at the same time. Or maybe it was a warning. Trying to tell her friends to be careful and that they are looking into the wrong girl. I still believe Ali is being framed, but I couldn't even begin to guess by whom. I used to try and spot certain signs, but ever since they tried to tell us that Ezra could possibly be -A, I stopped trying to guess. Whenever -A is revealed, I feel like it's going to be someone we won't see coming in a million years. Was it just me or did it seem to me that Ali seemed happy and not scared that her friends will be joining her in prison soon?

Aria still thinks that it's -A's fault for her not getting into any colleges and all her friends seem to be. But I think -A could be doing some manipulating there. I guess I shouldn't put it past -A for trying to keep someone in Rosewood or it could be someone trying to get the girls worrying about something else while -A sets up something major coming. Aria was very desperate and sent the wrong sort of letter to try and get into to school. Spilling her guts to Jackie, but according to Aria, she was just trying to talk her way into school. I doubt that, though. I think that's what she truly feels about her relationship and Jackie is actually happy that she never did anything with Ezra. In a way, that letter patched things up between Aria and Jackie, but now -A has something over Aria. Somehow got the letter Aria sent and is starting to leave little bits of it everywhere.

Emily has a bit of a melt down because of what is going on with Paige. Spills her guts to a complete stranger. Ok, not a complete stranger, but to the caterer that Ezra decides to hire after Emily tries to cook the food herself for Ezra's big opening. Speaking of Ezra, since when did he buy the Brew? Did I miss something big last season? I didn't even catch on to what he had bought until Emily said she worked there and made coffee. Emily wanted to try to help out with the food to get extra money to go see Paige, but she doesn't understand what the point is since Paige doesn't seem to be making any effort.

Hanna has a new and creepy story line brewing. I felt so bad for her when she saw Jason walk out of her house buttoning up his shirt. I kind of sensed something was going to happen between Jason and Ashley, but I didn't think Ashley was going to like it! Hello, doesn't she already have a boyfriend? And Jason is like way younger then she is. That part was just disturbing all the way around and I'm hoping it won't last much longer and I have a feeling it won't. Could you imagine if -A got a hold of that kind of news?! Hanna learns that Holbrook isn't where he said he was going to be. If he isn't, where is he? Is he helping Ali in some weird way or what? Man Hanna, for seeing Ali, you are brave! Telling her to back off. But Ali trying to say that she's innocence and no one believes her. She thought she was meeting Cyrus the night Mona died. But he never showed up.

Is it just me or is it weird that Spencer and Caleb seem to be hanging out a lot together all of the sudden? I don't think anything would happen between those two, but I just find that odd. Not that I mind because they are both very smart and so it's fun watching those two work together. But still, it's just a little odd. I knew the minute Spencer went to check on the noise in the school while they were trying to get rid of evidence, was a bad idea and it was because Caleb got locked in the furnace! More then likely by -A. I knew Toby was going to be mad when he found out about the knife and he was! Please tell me there isn't trouble in paradise for my favorite couple! I have never seen either one act like that before. Toby should have picked it up right when he found it because if -A was watching, then he/she has something on Toby and he could get in major trouble. But I can see where Spencer and Caleb were coming from. That could have been a plant by -A. If -A really is smart like I think they are, it would have had everybody's fingerprints on there, except the true killers or one if they wanted to try to frame someone again. Who is this new guy? The one who thought Spencer was Melissa. I didn't think they looked that much a like. But apparently he's trying to rent out the barn in Spencer's back yard? That was odd and sudden and Spencer trying to get him to turn it down by saying someone was buried in the back yard. I doubt that's the last we've seen of him, but I don't know, I sensed something off about him. Maybe it was just me or maybe it's because it seems like every time there's a new character, they seem to be bad.