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Pretty Little Liars "Over The Barrel" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, Aria is the one to be tortured by -A. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but since the beginning, I think, -A hasn't totally attacked Aria. For a while there, I was starting to wonder if either someone really close to Aria (i.e. Ezra - which was proven wrong last season) or Aria herself was -A. But finally, she's getting attacked. I knew the minute Aria decided to send out that awful letter to Jackie once she knew why she might not be getting into college (though I still believe it's -A's doing), that something bad was going to come out of it. Now -A is leaving little bits of the letter somewhere. Easily for anyone to find. Though I think that's the whole point. Trying to get Ezra to find the letter first rather then Aria telling him about it. Though she tries super hard in some parts of the episode to come clean, he's just off in a million different directions trying to figure everything out with the Brew. Is there trouble in the near future for this couple? They've been through worse situations, so if they both feel like they still love each other, they can work it out.

Speaking of another couple that might be in for a break up, though I really hope not, since they've been together basically since the beginning of the show, is Spoby (Spencer and Toby). They are my favorite couple, but something has changed in Toby since he became a cop. I think Toby thought he could be more of a help as a cop for his friends, but it's starting to get in the way of them researching who -A is and I'm sure neither Spencer or Toby both thought that it would end in anything bad. I believe if Toby wasn't a cop, them destroying evidence (though that is a bad thing) wouldn't have been as big of a deal as it would have been. I still believe that was a plant by -A. I mean, the yard was searched for before. How did the cops miss it on the first time and Toby just so happened to be the one who found it the second time? It could have easily had anybody else's prints on the knife except for the ones they really needed. The true murderer. But all of this is making both Spencer and Toby pretty stressed out and there could be troubled waters ahead for them.

It doesn't help that there is a new guy in Spencer's life. Well, not totally. Johnny is renting out the barn. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Though any red flags always goes up when there's a new character in this town. You never know if it's someone just randomly coming in or being a plant by -A to try to get to the girls. Johnny could be either one. But for now, he seems to be harmless. Well, harmless enough. Even though it seemed more then a conversation between Spencer and Johnny at the end. 

I guess Paige and Emily are over. Much to Emily's wanting that to happen. She has a lot going on. That and the new employee who keeps stepping on her toes is really getting to her. Maybe they finally found some common ground? She's either a new love interest for Emily or Ezra. I couldn't tell what her intentions where when she was asking Emily about Ezra. But I doubt she's not just another employee to the Brew.

Poor Hanna. Having to deal with the fact that Ashley and Jason hooked up and now Ted is back in town and Ashley doesn't want to tell Ted about what happened. Though that's not the best move, since he decided to pop the question. I really like Ted and I hope Ashley comes clean about what happened. He deserves to know the truth. Ashley should have told him right then and there, but either she's not sure about how he'll handle it, or about the relationship or worse, that she's actually having feelings for Jason. How awkward would that be for Hanna? And as if she doesn't have enough to deal with already, -A is framing Hanna possibly, for the murder of Mona. Why else would the storage locker stink, have a mysterious barrel that could have a decaying Mona in it and be linked to Hanna's name? Again, poor Hanna!

So, I'm assuming Hanna was -H and sent the text to Aria to deliver the flowers? I still don't know why she would do that. Maybe Hanna was gonna send the flowers to her mom or Ted and have the news leaked out that way? I'm still not understanding that whole part, but poor Aria, thinking she was meeting with Holbrook only to find out she really wasn't. But that led to an interesting conversation with Jason. Who sounded like he was having a "lunch date" with Ashley who decided to call it off at the last minute.

Yay, my favorite, if that's what you want to call it, scenes are back. The cryptic, what's -A doing mystery scenes. Ones where sometimes we get a look at what's to come or never find out what they were doing. This was a pretty big hint as to Holbrook not being involved at all, though. -A was seen entering his office and logging onto his computer. Which is a big blinking sign saying "Holbrook is being framed!", to me, anyways. You'd think if it was Holbrook, they would have shown us him doing it, like they've done in the past, instead of a mysterious shadowy figure. Like I've said a bunch of times, and what I learned in the past season, that whenever any fingers are pointed to someone being involved, they are more then likely, not.