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Pretty Little Liars "Through a Glass, Darkly" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I wasn't sure how they were going to go about with the second half of the season, but with only one episode in, I'm pretty impressed and can't wait for more! Though it does help that this is my favorite show, but still. Sometimes some season premieres are better then others. Thank goodness this one is better. 

I don't even know where to begin. So, let's just start with Alison. Who I don't believe for a minute that she's -A. Especially since at the end when they arrested her, she said "Don't say I didn't warn you". What's that supposed to mean? Has Alison been protecting her friends this whole time and they didn't know it or is there something darker going on in that head of hers? I guess she could know who is doing the killing and is somehow a double agent maybe, but I doubt that's the case. -A would be too smart for that and would catch on. So yes, Jason decided to come clean and say that Ali wasn't with them the whole night to get Spencer off the hook.

Aria - she's worried about her brother and I'm not too surprised what with his history of dealing with this sort of stuff. So Ezra offers his helping hand and trying to figure out what's going on in Mike's head and have bro time. Didn't turn out too well. But my question is, what in the world is Ezra working on? Did I completely miss something? I was so confused during that scene. Plus, where did Ezra and Mike disappear to and how did -A end up getting Mike's phone? Can Ezra not be trusted or worse yet, can Mike be trusted? I've always had a sneaking suspicion that Mike could be on the -A team. Who knew Mike cared that much about Mona? I hope Mona didn't lie to Mike at all about her true self. Perhaps Mike is the only one that ever truly knew Mona and that scene at the end was just heartbreaking. I wanted to give Mike a hug.

Emily and Paige. Was it just me or did it seem to anybody else that Paige wanted to leave town for good a little too fast? Even after she heard of Ali being arrested, she seemed a little jumpy. Almost makes me wonder if she is more involved in this and they are letting the true killer get away. Though I would hope that wouldn't be the case, since that would completely destroy Emily or make her very angry and I don't think I'd want to see either side of that on Emily. I don't know, just a little red flag went up before Paige left and it made me wonder why she truly wanted to leave.

Hanna - she's blaming herself for Mona's death. Saying that if she hadn't gotten her friend involved that she thinks she'd still be alive. But I don't think that's the case. I think Mona would have been killed by -A no matter what. If Mona truly had that much info on who -A really is, it wouldn't surprise me if she ended up that way after all. 

Spencer - so happy she is finally off the hook for Bethany's murder! Though I'm not sure if those were happy tears at the end or tears of "I can't believe I've been betrayed this whole time by a friend" teara. Maybe it was both. But having Toby there was awesome and I loved having him being a cop on the force. I think he's the voice of reason that everybody needs right now. The video that proved her innocence was pretty violent. We never saw the killer, but I'm more then certain that the killer was wearing a wig.

It was awesome to see so many characters have a little bit of screen time everywhere and a few characters we haven't seen in a while. Mrs. Grimwald was just as creepy as ever, but I could sort of see why Hanna would want her help in finding out where Mona's body is. But that scene was probably the creepiest in the whole season premiere and I'm not sure if they even got any answers out of it. Whatever kind of run in Caleb had with Mrs. Grimwald, must have totally freaked him out in to not wanting anything to do with her. It probably happened on Ravenswood which I never watched. But what did Aria find when Caleb started to show her how to hack into the college database? That was never revealed. Though I do wonder if Aria is either just panicked about not getting into college or if this really is a master plan from -A. I didn't think about that.

The minute Alison was arrested, I was expecting their phones to go off and have a nasty text from -A saying they got the wrong girl. But it didn't happen and I was a little surprised/bummed. But -A decided to go fancier then a text. Which the girls were trying to quickly reason as this being an early set up from Alison, since no one could set off fireworks from jail. That giant -A was a bit creepy. Though clearly that was a sign from -A saying "You got the wrong girl". And who visited Ali in jail or was about to visit her when she was trying to fall asleep? I'm thinking it was -A coming to either hurt Ali or do something to her. Maybe we will find out in next weeks' episode.