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Scorpion "Charades" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

After watching this episode, I'm so glad this show got renewed! I thought that my love of the show was wearing off since I didn't totally enjoy the last episode. But my faith was renewed in the show after such a thriller of a ride they put us on in this weeks episode and not to mention the one thing I really like about the show! Ok, I love the action, but that's not what I'm talking about.

I hope that they don't rush into the Walter and Paige thing too quickly. I think they won't, but after this episode, I'm not too sure how they are going to go about it. I'm sure something eventually will happen between them, but right now, I just like watching the if they will or won't scenes we've seen hundred of times between our favorite would be/could be/should be couples. Toby is smart enough to catch on that Paige really meant that she was dreaming about Walter. But I believe that if the relationship between Walter and Paige ever went beyond friendship, it wouldn't hurt Ralph at all, like Toby was making Paige think about. 

So, their new case is from the CIA! They think they have a leak, but they aren't sure who. Why do they want Scorpion? Because they need someone like them to come and sniff out who it could be. They do and they are good. Well, the leak was good, but Scorpion was better.

While Paige is wrestling with that dream she had about Walter, going in and coaching him and teaching him how to flirt, probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it sure had some awesome awkward scenes that were probably my favorite to watch. Then the real meet had to happen with the leak. It was going fine, until Walter let it slip that someone was talking to him. I don't think he meant to. He was just caught up in the moment.

How can I like Walter so much when he doesn't even believe in love! Which made Paige wonder if having a relationship with him could ever be possible. However, I don't think Walter realizes that he already has feelings for Paige or maybe he does and is smart enough to cover it up, but let somethings slip out. If he doesn't believe in that stuff, why would he have said that thing to Paige at the end?

After one crazy plane ride and me thinking that Cade had actually been killed (was hoping beyond hope that he had the vest and thank goodness he did!), Walter finally got out of his own kidnapping. Not after having to fight the one crazy lady spy in order to try to get out. Walter is not a fighter, so you can just imagine how that scene went. But he's still smart thinking, though and was able to get out of there in plenty of time.

Happy and Toby also had moments. Not as big as Walter and Paige, but it was still there. Subtle, but there. Like Toby being so worried that Happy would fall to her death if he and Sylvester couldn't try to do something and man, can you believe she made it to the balcony? Plus, Toby trying to make Happy jealous with the flirting between him and the CIA agent who gave them all the cool gadgets. 

You don't need to play Charades yourself to guess that I totally loved this episode and I hope I'm not alone.