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Scorpion "Forget Me Nots" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Oh CBS, you are too good to me. Not only did you create this awesome show, but you decided to put two new episodes right in a row! Now it wasn't as amazing as last nights, but it was still a very fun ride. One I look forward to each week. 

Their new adventure tonight is saving the world. Literally. Well, they kind of do that every week, but this time it's on a bigger scale. Someone has hacked into the missiles and is getting ready to launch them, but who could it be? As it turned out, someone had stolen the football (i.e., the launch code case that has the trigger in it) a long time ago when someone tried to kill the President.

How are they going to find someone on a case when the only main witness doesn't totally remember everything anymore? Well, you know the team now, they like to go out there, even if it could mean that the experiment could kill the person, though they do hope it doesn't. It did make some fun scenes with Gallo. Gallo decides to be the test dummy for it and it works for him, so they do it on the guy they want to try it out on, Bruce. It works for him, too, just a little bit too much. Poor guy, he realized he wanted to forget some memories again. Mainly the one when he hurt the woman he loved by leaving her. But was able to have a second chance, thanks to Scorpion finding the lady for him.

Speaking of love, how can a guy totally bash love and say that love doesn't exist when he clearly has feelings for Paige? Yes, I'm talking about you, Walter. He finally did admit that he at least cares about Ralph and Paige and the fact that Ralph actually makes himself feel more human and I think Paige has a lot to do with that as well, but still. How can someone keep denying those feelings? Maybe it's like what Paige said to Happy. Genius' are afraid and just hide behind their facts and what they know. Though these feelings are probably new to Walter and he just doesn't know how to deal with them, but still. He has to eventually figure out or admit to her and to himself that he loves her.

Aw Paige, I hope that when you said "No, I won't go" tonight was you deciding to stay. Though I think you just meant, no we can stay a little longer here at Scorpion, but I believe that had more then one meaning. The look on Drew's face kind of said it all, too. Still don't like Drew. I don't know why. Maybe it's because he is kind of getting in the way of Paige and Walter, but it could be the thing that Walter needs to step up and say his true feelings. I mean, he finally did give Paige more of an opinion about her moving then at the beginning.

Gallo was hilarious when he was still "juiced up" as they called it.  Acting like he was 25. Little did he know that some of that stuff was in him all along, he just didn't realize it. Thanks to Walter to letting him know that most of the stuff that happened at the end, was Gallo himself, not the special thing they did to him.

They do finally get the football back. But not after them having to figure out how to get it off of train tracks with a fence blocking their way that was electrified. Happy is very quick on her feet (and a very scary driver it sounds like) and was able to work the machine there to get what they needed. Loved the fact that Sylvester was the one who ended up beating/destroying the thing.

Oh, forgot the best part! Ralph won his science fair (thanks to Walter building/helping him with a very cool looking project) and is actually making friends! Which is another reason that I hope Paige thinks about before she makes her final decision, but like I said, I have a feeling she already made it and I hope she keeps it and decides to stay. The show and not to mention the team, wouldn't be the same without her.