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Scorpion "Kill Screen" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, shows are back in full swing this week. First up for me was Scorpion. One I was excited to come back, but a bit disappointed in it's return. I still loved the episode itself and it had a pretty interesting story line coming into form that I didn't see coming, but still, it lacked the full on action scenes that they've had in almost every episode that I enjoy so much.

Ok, I know Drew says that him being over protective and suddenly turning into "parent mode" isn't because of wanting to get back together with Paige, but I so totally think it is. It's pretty evident that Drew can't stand Walter. Though, he just plays it off as saying he doesn't think this is a safe place for Ralph. But I think there's more then both of them are saying. I think Drew still has feelings for Paige and doesn't want her around Walter who clearly has feelings for her as well. So, Drew just plays it off as not wanting Ralph to grow up there and miss out on a normal child hood. Though I think he's forgetting one small little thing. His son is a genius, there's nothing in his life that's going to be normal.

Throughout the whole episode, Paige wrestles with this idea. Is this a safe place for Ralph or is it bad like Drew is suggesting? Sure, the whole premise of the episode didn't help. The fact that Walter ended up getting Ralph mixed up in some bad things while he was playing on a site, didn't help the fact. But because of it, Ralph was able to catch the true bad guy and ended up saving a whole bunch of other people in the process.

It was cute to see Walter and Ralph interact and to actually have Walter's trust in Ralph to grow. I loved how everything worked together at the end. Ralph being the one guiding Walter through the "game", which ended up being the real surroundings they found themselves in. It was just nice to see that part of the relationship grow.

So yeah, not much else happened. Sylvester was just his cute self when his friends learned what his nickname was all about. That he had gone to those conventions before and beat the game. Toby trying to show off to Happy because of what Happy had said earlier that he was clumsy was awesome too. Though, it blew up in his face, literally. Which just means more teasing from Happy. Walter is trying to earn money for his sister, I guess? And going an odd way around it which makes Ralph want to hang out with Walter even more. Sure, hanging out with him could be a bad thing at times, but I think it helps Ralph in more ways then they realize. I hope Paige realizes that this is the best place for her son and stays with the team. I don't think the show would be the same without her.