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Castle "I, Witness" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A nice walk in the park, I mean woods, for Castle at the beginning. Not! After Castle is hit in the head for no reason, it flashes back 12 hours to explain why he was there and what happened and let me tell you, it gets even crazier.

Castle's new PI case is anything but easy after accepting a job from an old college friend to find out if her husband his cheating on her. Oh boy he was, but that's not all. It sadly leads to her being murdered, but someone making it seem like it never happened. Which is what the lady wanted, but it horribly went wrong when her partner in the plan wanted her out of the way, too.

I'm glad that Kate stood beside Castle even if all evidence pointed that the murder didn't happen. I wouldn't have liked it if she thought he was crazy like the police did. But it did help that some of the stuff didn't add up right and as always, it leads down some crazy paths, which is why I love the show so much. You never know what fully happened until the last puzzle piece.

Though the last puzzle piece, i.e. the killer, was pretty obvious from the beginning. I mean, it was bad that she was just everywhere and didn't totally fit in. Sure, she was the lawyer, but just things weren't adding up. In the end, it was confirmed it was the lawyer, but all because she wanted revenge for her friend from college. To do that, she ended up committing two murders of her own. 

Ryan and Espo were especially hilarious in this episode. Ryan is totally upset that his weekend couple get away has basically been cancelled all because Espo isn't dating anyone right now. So, to try to fix that, Ryan sets Espo on a blind date, that all led to Espo finding out that they had set him up with a account! Poor guy. All so Ryan could have his get away time or so his friend wasn't lonely. Either one, though I think it was the wanting to get away more then helping his friend out.

Lanie is back! Though we saw her for a brief second this time, it was nice to have her back and made me like her even more. Though I do miss the whole Espo and Lanie relationship, but still, it's nice to have Lanie back. 

Is Castle having second thoughts about his PI adventure? It seemed that way at the end when he was wondering if he should keep up with it. Which makes me wonder if it could be slowly coming to a close as well. Or it could be that this case just got to him since it was more personal. Either way, I wouldn't mind if it kept going, though I would love it more if Castle could somehow get back to working with Kate. This episode made me realize how much I missed it. Though, it hasn't totally been all gone, since almost every PI case Castle has had, he involves Kate somehow. But it'd be nice if he was back and I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way.