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Castle "Resurrection" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

3XK is back and is scarier then ever! What crazy plan does he have up his sleeve this time? Well, it includes Kelly and some face alterations since no one even knows what Jerry looks like now. They have a decoy while the real trap was happening. But they didn't know what was happening until it was too late.

Something was off from the beginning. However, I knew that 3XK was coming back, I just didn't know how and I knew it couldn't be as easy as them suddenly seeing him on camera with the supposed new victim. Things started to not add up, though, when that girl was seen after they found her body. Weird right? Well, it gets weirder.

Kelly is back and I can't believe how brave Kate is on going to see her by herself! Gotta give her her props for doing that, though. Because if it was me, I probably would have waited until Castle had gotten there. Oh, did I forget to mention? The chief gave the ok for Castle to work on this case since he knows the 3XK all too well, seeing as he's the one who "killed" him in the first place. Kelly, of course, denied the whole thing, again. Will they ever catch this jerk? She's clearly helping him. 

Then, the bomb lands. Jerry is seen picking up the girl who was supposed to be dead. That's when they learn that this girl is a different girl. Amy also had gotten surgery and could be Jerry's next victim, but here's the twist. Jerry denies knowing who Kate and Castle are (who could forget them and especially after what he put them through?!) and not to mention completely denying who he really is. Claiming that he's this Michael dude who apparently got an amazing transformation from Kelly. Yes, this all goes back to Kelly, who I'm assuming by now, has transformed the real Jerry into someone else.

Now it's time to figure out if Jerry or Michael, whoever he is, is telling the truth, but to do this they need facts. So they go to his mommy who Castle thinks this is all about. Let's face it, that picture of the younger mommy looked a lot like his victims, though the mommy denied having anything to do with how he turned out to be. Jerry really thought ahead for all of this. Cleaning out his old stuff so Castle and Kate wouldn't be able to trace anything back to him. But he actually left something behind that he didn't know about. A tooth and I thought that was his undoing, but if it was, then it wouldn't have been made into a two parter.

Here's the twist, Michael is in fact Michael. I was thinking the whole time Castle was brave enough to go in there and confront the guy and try to break him, that it was actually working. Since Michael was making all those little faces at the right moments, but I'm thinking that was the whole plan. To get Castle and Kate focused on someone else so the real 3XK could get away with something major. 

That major thing was, Kate! Yes, the whole Amy thing I think was a plant. She wasn't really scared, I think it was her time to call and pretend to be scared just to get Kate to that point. Away, alone and distracted. That's when it ends. 3XK comes up and kidnaps Kate. What's he gonna do to her? Why her and not Castle since Castle is the one who shot him? Or maybe he just wants to torture Castle by trying to get rid of his one true love. But from the preview, I would not want to get on Castle's bad side. 

One of the things I've been wondering, is that could 3XK be the reason why Castle disappeared for all those months? Is that what he has in mind for Kate? Or is there something else major going on that I couldn't even begin to guess? Either way, I hope Monday comes fast so I know what happens.