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Hawaii Five-0 "Poina'ole (Not Forgotten)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Yes, I am behind, but lately, this show hasn't been one of those "Oh, it's Friday night, I've gotta watch Hawaii Five-0" type shows lately, but if they keep this up, it'll get back to that for me. I'm just hoping that this isn't a phase and that this means the show is getting back to what I loved about watching it in the beginning.

Not only did it have an amazing story line, somewhat sad for me, but still, it was pretty interesting. It looked back on past episodes. Something I feel that this season could use more of since big things have happened to certain characters and they kind of just push them under the rug. But this episode looked back on Grover's daughter on what she went through with Ian. Poor thing, I felt so bad for her. It was pretty traumatic what she went through. I mean, first off what Ian did to her and then seeing him killed right in front of her. I hope she can get over this and have nothing bad happen to her.

Their new case was quite interesting. A doctor gets shot, but they don't exactly know why. It all turns out to be because of this bad guy that was dying that confessed something to her that she started looking into, that got her killed. It all came around to a guy who used to be a warden at a reform school who led four boys were to solitary, but then died there and the grandpa at the beginning that killed the doctor, was the warden. He said everything would have been fine if she didn't start to look into it.

Steve's car is stolen, so of course Steve is furious and sets out to find out who stole it. Little did he know that it ended up being a kids first felon. Danny put it nicely, Steve likes to fix broken toys, i.e. broken people. He does. If you look at Steve's team, one of those team members was broken at one point. So, Steve had a change of heart and I'm sure it had somewhat to do with the case they dealt with, that he decided to help the boy clean up his act. The boy only stole because he was so hungry and didn't know what else to do. Loved it that he got a job at Kamekona's! I wonder if this will be the last time we see him?

I always love it when I see Grace working with Steve and vice versa. This time, Grace is training for a marathon and since Danny hates running, it's Steve's turn. Which also turns into somewhat banter between Danny and Steve when Steve leaves Grace alone for a few minutes trying to figure out who just stole his car and Danny launches in on this whole debate saying he shouldn't have done that, blah, blah, blah.

One of the other things I loved about this episode, is that it had everybody back! Since Steve and Danny have both been lacking in a bunch of the episodes, it was just nice to have them back together again. Though I did feel like their banter wasn't as fun as it normally has been, but at least the whole team was back. Plenty of screen time for everybody, too. Even Max was back! So, if you keep this up Hawaii Five-0, you may not get the axe after all.