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Hawaii Five-0 "Ua'aihue (Stolen)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Now these are the kind of episodes I love. The action could have still been better, but this show is hopefully starting to look up. Hey, I've liked two episodes in a row now. Not bad, considering normally it's one episode and then it's a while before another one I like again.

So, a dad ends up getting shot over something he didn't even know he had. Little did he know, he had been carrying a stolen painting. The bad guy was on the flight with them and decided to stash it in his suitcase. I'm just glad that the dad made it and didn't die. That was nice.

But that's not all. While they are on the hunt on tracking down the bad guy at the elaborate party, Chin and Kono are taken hostage along with the rest of the party guests and they are in big trouble when the bad guys realize they are cops.

Everything works out fine, though. But I just wish the action was a little more so. I felt like the hostages got out too easy. Sure, there were some intense moments, but still, not like I've known from the show in the past.

Is it bad that I didn't even notice Danny was missing until the very end when it dawned on me we never had the fun banter between Steve and Danny that I love? I think I was just happy that for once, Steve was at the center, instead of being off to the side or not in the episode entirely. Normally I notice if Steve or Danny are gone, but it was weird that I didn't this time. Maybe I was just so focused on the episode, that I hardly noticed. I did, however, love seeing more Kamekona time. I love his character and think he should be in more. This episode made up for that fact. Watching him learn how to cook from a master chief so he could win a competition that his cousin entered them into was fun and the fact that they won as even better.

I really hope that the show gets renewed and fixes what it's lacking. I'm not all that sure of what it's really lacking, but there's something that's gone. Like I said, this was a better episode then there has been, but still. I'll keep watching until the very end, though.