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NCIS "Blast From The Past" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"Blast From The Past" felt more like the old NCIS episodes I used to love. From the awesome lines of Gibbs trying to sound techy, to all the movie references coming from Tony, to Abby seeming a little more like her old self. The team is baffled that Gibbs once had to undercover as an IT guy. Yep, he had to learn computer speak! Of course, technology has changed a lot over the years, but still, it had me laughing my head off.

But that doesn't stop him from going back undercover himself in order to find out why his old alias and Mike's old one popped up on two victims who seem to have no connection what-so-ever with Gibbs or what he was even doing undercover. Which first made me wonder, is someone seriously after Gibbs again? Not that that doesn't make for something exciting, but still, they just literally did that in the previous episode. It wasn't that at all.

All this talk of undercover work has Ellie worried. Or maybe not quite worried, but I felt like she was more of wondering if Gibbs would ever put her in that position. I'm not sure if she would be good, but then again, people can surprise you. I.E. Gibbs going undercover as an IT guy. Someone who has trouble handling a smart phone and claiming it wasn't smart enough. The GPS thing was hilarious. He got so mad at it that it looked like he either shot the phone or ran over it.

In the end it all came down to the lady who actually invented the alias' herself, Michelle, otherwise known as her neighborhood cat lady. All because she was mad that she was basically forced to retire and there isn't a whole lot of jobs for her that she can do with her talent, so she turned to Serbia. Or more they turned to her, to get identities in order to send someone in to locate something called Gallium Nitride, which doesn't sound friendly. In the end, it ended up being Spears (the fake Spears, not Gibbs) neighbor who was the one who was after the nitride in the first place. 

Tony has to take a big step in his relationship with Zoe. Meeting the parents! I don't believe that Tony has ever gotten that far with someone. Well, he did, but he was undercover, so he claims that didn't count. However, I loved how this episode went down and hope to see more like these episodes in the future.