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NCIS "Cabin Fever" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Cabin Fever or as it should actually be called the "Intervention Episode". Though it was never fully said that it was, that's basically what it was. Trying to get a break through to Fornell about why he really is in his funk. 

It came as quite a surprise to everybody, when Gibbs decided to drop everything, even going after the big bad guy, to help his friend. All because of his worried daughter. Well, maybe not all because of his worried daughter, I think it was partly good for Gibbs too, since he basically blames himself for Diane's death.

I was with everybody, thinking Gibbs had this major plan that only he knew about, but it actually wasn't. Sure Gibbs would check up on the case now and then, but he left it in the hands of his team. Knowing full well that they could bring this jerk to justice. However, it wasn't as easy as that, since he is so focused on killing Gibbs, Fornell and Gibbs' trip in the woods doesn't go as smoothly as they would have wanted, but I think it's exactly what they needed.

In the meantime, Fornell finally opens up about why he is in his funk. I thought it was odd when Gibbs mentioned the fact that Fornell and Diane were going to get remarried, that Fornell quickly changed the subject. All to find out that Fornell and Diane had had a horrible fight the night before she died. So, the last words he ever spoke to her were "I think this is a mistake". That's also why he was wanting his phone back so badly. It had a sweet message from Diane that was a make up message if Fornell would have answered his phone. 

Frankie's father, was the guy who knew Sergei from way back and Sergei basically threatened his family if he didn't plant the bomb in the ship to go off. Frankie had no clue what was happening. It's a small world after all, too, when it's confirmed that Sergei was in fact, the half brother of Ziva's brother (the one she shot to save Gibbs!). That's why he held such a huge grudge against Gibbs all these years. 

Here, I was thinking the whole time that Sergei really did have a friend in Pavlenko and he did. But Gibbs did somehow manage to turn him and get the set up on Sergei. So it makes me wonder if in fact, Gibbs going to the cabin was the only way he knew how to call Sergei out. Instead of killing the jerk himself, Gibbs had Fornell do it. It didn't sound like it was the closure Fornell was looking for, but hopefully this will point him in the right direction.