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NCIS "Cadence" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

One of the better episodes of the season. Ok, I'll admit it that I loved that it focused on Tony, since he is my favorite character. But I actually really liked the plot and it wasn't totally easy for me to figure out and it wasn't a hard, complicated case where I'd get lost easily, which they've tried to do in the past as well.

I actually like Ellie's husband. A refreshing change to the show. It's cute that he wants to try to fit in with her coworkers at her new job so they have something new to talk about, though their dinner gets changed and ended up being just Jake and Gibbs. Who Jake actually enjoyed having dinner with! I know, shocking right? Gibbs would be one of those people I'd be totally nervous around. 

Their new case is quite interesting. Wallace ends up dead and they don't know why and it all leads back to Tony's old military school. Which is one trip Tony did not want to take. I'm not sure why, either, since it kind of made him the man he is today. Well, helped him along the line, anyways. It turned him around. Loved seeing the flashbacks of him and they casted young Tony very well.

Honor core sounds very creepy. That's what the whole case was about. Everybody wanted to keep the school in tact and if the word got out that Honor Core was bad and in fact actually made people commit suicide because some people went too far with their punishment, it would damage the school and no one wanted that. That's why Christine died. But Wallace was dating her, so he wanted to find out what had happened and that ended his life, too.

Gibbs has decided to get Jake's help on looking up on something. Which made the whole dinner thing kind of pointless since Ellie can't even know what they are doing now and that was the whole point of the dinner. For them to be able to talk about their friends and coworkers, but now it's more secrets. 

No Jimmy this time, which is understandable, since he did just have a baby. And hardly any Ducky screen time, which is very odd for an NCIS episode. It's nice to see that Abby and Bert is going strong, though. That was nice to hear. All in all, it was a pretty good episode.