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NCIS: LA "Black Wind" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Sam and Callen as food truck owners has got to be hilarious and it was! I was laughing so hard between the two. Their banter is the best! They weren't planning on being food truck owners, but at the last minute, their original cover wouldn't have worked, so they had to get new covers. 

Deeks and Kensi had to stay behind (poor Deeks, doesn't get to do what he wanted to so badly, again) to work the case there. Try to pin point the exact location of where the son could have gotten the anthrax virus in the first place. That's when they find the father of the son. The truck driver from the beginning. He was trying to get his son help. 

Now they have to figure out where the anthrax location was at, where the rest of the family is and and get them out safely away from the bad guys that are after them and so they could find their husband/father again. But it doesn't go as smoothly as that. Since they crossed the boarder illegally. 

Granger, is just one of those love/hate relationships with me I guess. One episode, I really love what he does and others, like this one, I don't. Of course, not all of it was his fault. It was the system and he was just doing what he was told so he wouldn't step on anybody's toes or get in trouble himself. 

But then Granger does the awesome thing when it makes me like him again. After the family was arrested and the poor boy yelled at Deeks for saying they were the good guys (man, that was hard to watch!), Granger pulled some strings and was able to let the family go. Which made Deeks do the unthinkable...hug Granger! Oh, the true bad guy that released the anthrax, was the guy who helped Callen and Sam at the beginning with the food cop. 

So, not a bad episode, but not the best episode either. Still, it had plenty of screen time for everybody and had that lovely banter that I've grown to love over the seasons.