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NCIS: New Orleans "Careful What You Wish For" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Agent Brody was the main focus point of the new episode and I for one, loved it. Well, it helps that she's my favorite character on the show, but it was nice to learn a lot about a new character. She was distracted a lot during their new case. But she had a good reason. She couldn't decide if she should face her fear of finally living a day that has haunted her for her whole life or to run away again.

Her past is being questioned again all because she sort of hesitated again on the job when protecting the Vice Chief. An agent was gunned down after she had called off a supposed suspect. It wasn't him, it was someone else that had shot and killed the agent. But since this has happened before to Brody, they have decided to look into it.

However, it ended up not being about wanting to kill the Chief at all, the guy that died, was the main target all along. All because he needed to keep his mouth shut or else someone's career would end because of what the guy found out.

It was all because someone was trying to figure out who the father was so his son would live. He's dying of a rare blood cancer and needs a father to match up so he could live. That's when we finally learn who the real dad was and that's why Austin (the agent that died), ended up dying. To keep his mouth shut on anyone finding out. If they did, that would be the end of his career! So, the killer refused to find out if he could save his son. Horrible right? In the end, he decided to do the right thing to save the boy.

We finally learn why Brody has hated that night long ago on the ship when she was on protective service. Because the guy that she had to kill, the eyes of the guy, reminded Brody of her sister who she had just lost two days before because of a drunk driver. Brody has decided to stop running and faced her fears head on and I hope that she can now move on.


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