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NCIS: New Orleans "Le Carnivale de la Mort" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Aw, Mardi Gras, a place for parties, parades, murder and robberies. Wait, that doesn't sound right, but sadly it is for the setting of the new episode of NCIS: New Orleans when their new victim is stabbed to death who was set to rob a place with a bunch of guys. But they don't know why or what that place is, yet.

I've never been to Mardi Gras and probably don't plan on going, but it was still fun watching all that goes on. Of course, I'm hoping a murder isn't an every day kind of thing when this holiday rolls into town for them, but it was still fun. Watching Chris trying to get into all these parties. And not to mention awesome nerdy banter between Patton and Sebastien. It was over Mardi Gras, but just a different part of Mardi Gras.

Sadly, the victim who had been sober, was part of a drug ring. Stealing stuff from places, but he wanted out, so they tried to take care of the problem. But on top of that, there was the matter of a place being robbed, but what?

Chris solves that problem and was right. Made for some awesome action and Chris accidentally getting high on the gas the bad guys used in order to knock out the party guests so they could steal the jewels. 

The Pride family yet again! I always love it when Laurel visits, but this time, she's not fully telling the truth and this is the part when Pride hates being a cop. Realizing when his own family member is lying, but he doesn't know why. Against Pride's wishes, Laurel has been seeing her grandpa in jail. Don't totally know all of what landed him in jail yet, but we are slowly getting bits and pieces. Pride even threatened his dad to stop seeing his granddaughter by saying that he could tell Laurel the full story any time he wants to. Then, through Laurel and his dad, he realizes that his daughter is able to make decisions on her own. For a minute there, I thought he was going to spill the beans and tell his daughter the deep, dark secret of her grandpa, but he decides against it. But the nerve of the dad to try to use Laurel into getting the letter of recommendation of getting released from her! I don't know if that's quite what the grandpa was doing, but still, kind of an awful thing to bring up. Pride feels jail is the best place for the man. Mainly to save him from himself.