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NCIS: New Orleans "My Brothers Keeper" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Poor Chris. At the end of the episode, I felt so bad for him. I, along with everybody else, was thinking his brother was starting to take a turn for the better. Going to his support groups and taking his medicine and such, but only for that little scene at the end to prove everybody wrong. There was one bright side to it, though. Chris was able to meet up with "the one that got away". Could there be a love interest in his near future? Or maybe a love triangle? Yep, I'm still holding out for the whole Chris and Brody angle. Right now, they seem to be just friends, but you never know. Especially since I sensed something between them when they first met.

Anyways, their new case is pretty deep and a little bit sad. It all ended happy, though, so I'm glad about that, but still, it was hard to watch in some scenes. Their new case involves a navy lady who was involved in a hit and run. No one knows why this nice lady would ever want to have someone mad at her enough to kill. She seemed pretty innocent.

She was, but it ended up being apart of the kids she was fostering and eventually going to adopt. You see, it ended up being about the boys natural father. Who wasn't going to let the whole adoption thing happen. Even if he had to kidnap his own kids at gun point. Their father wasn't exactly dad of the year. He was a pretty scary guy. Not to mention that he was also a drug dealer and trying to get his son roped into the same game.

Loretta is becoming more and more my favorite every time we see her. She is a little hard around the edges, but she still has a soft spot. That soft spot seems to be her compassion for homeless kids. The older brother at the end, ended up wanting to try to adopt his younger brother so they wouldn't be split up again. But once Danny was 18, they'd be homeless. So, Loretta decided to put them up in her home! It was so sweet and I hope we get to learn more about Loretta in the episodes to come.