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NCIS: New Orleans "The Walking Dead" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The only thing I liked from this episode, was that Agent Borin was back. Ok, it wasn't a bad episode at all, it was actually good. But just a little too sad for me. Because the guy that comes to Pride for help, is slowly dying because he has been poisoned but by who, no one knows. That's why he comes to Pride, so they can figure out who did this before it's too late.

Though, from the beginning we met her, I kind of figured out who the killer was. I was hoping for the longest time that it wouldn't be the brother of the victim, like they all thought. Thank goodness I was wrong. Though it is sad that it ended up being the wife all because she heard of the property that the brothers had and that this big company wanted and I guess they were hard for money and yeah, it went from there. She wanted to sell the property, but the brothers didn't and so she decided to kill them. All for money. 

Though it was a sad note for both brothers, that the wife is the one who wanted them gone, it was the solution they needed to bond again before it was too late for the one brother. I am, however, glad we never saw the actual death of the brother. But I was thinking it might have been that day or the day after that was the last day for him just because of how they were talking and where they were at, etc.

It wasn't all serious, though. Chris wants to try sky diving, though, the being afraid of heights stops him every time. This whole situation made him realize to do it anyways. Also, Brodie has decided to take up the cute Doctor on his offer for a date. Yes, the Doctor is back. I'm not sure if I like them together or not, but then again, I am hoping for something to happen between Chris and Brodie. 

Could Agent Borin be coming to New Orleans? Oh please say yes! Well, any of the NCIS' would be fine with me. I love her character and have been thinking for a while now, that she either needs to join one of the teams or have her own show. She's thinking on leaving the Coast Guard and said it wouldn't take long for her to become an Agent. Though I could see her fitting in just fine with New Orleans. She makes an awesome addition. 

So yeah, not a bad episode, I just don't like the ones where they are like "I'm dying and so I want you to find out who did this to me" kind of episodes. Never really have. But because of this episode, I'm just hoping that Agent Borin will be back again and the next time as an agent.