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Person of Interest "Control-Alt-Delete" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Even though the main cast was not on for half of the show, it was still pretty interesting. But when the team finally came back on, I was happy. They weren't unmentioned though. The whole time we were watching Samaritan's team work, they knew that someone else was going around town secretly doing stuff. It just wasn't fully confirmed it was them until later on.

This time, we see how Samaritan works. And the control lady is back and creepy as ever. Who knew she actually had a kid too? That was a surprise. Telling her kid to not play the violent games anymore. Ironic if you ask me. Since she's a hit woman. But throughout the whole episode, they try to hint to her that possibly, she's been lied to this whole time about going after these four young guys that were supposed terrorist. 

She never considered for a second that she had been lied to. Well, maybe briefly at the end before she shot and killed the last guy they were hunting. But still, it makes me wonder as well, has Samaritan or the people working for it, since I'm not sure if a machine can lie, been lying to her all along just to get people out of the way? In a way, I almost felt a little sorry for her.

Root finally gets her revenge on the control lady, though. Man, if Harold hadn't stepped in when he did, I cringe at what Root would have done to the lady. Sure, Root was upset about the first time the control lady had kidnapped her, but I think she's more upset this time around when they all think the lady somehow knows where Shaw is. But I doubt she does.

Throughout the episode, they hinted that Shaw could possibly be alive still. How someone would get out of that alive, I have no idea. Why would Samaritan want her alive? It'd be nice to not have her be dead, but I think Harold and I were thinking the same thing, just didn't want to say it out loud. That Shaw is dead and if they do find her, it'll be her body. But for everybody shake's, I really do hope she's alive. It'd be nice if something happy would come out of this war that is happening and I believe it's going to get worse before it gets better.