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Person of Interest "If-Then-Else" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The Machine learned a very important lesson the day Harold taught it how to play chess. I didn't put the two pieces together on what was happening in the present time and why the flashback of the chess game was so important until the very end. When Harold said that all lives are important and you can't make the decision on who's more important then someone else. If that person does, then they deserve what's coming for them.

If only Harold knew that the Machine thought all of this through before coming to the conclusion it gave Root on how to get out of the building, I think he'd have more faith in it again. The Machine had a moment where it shut down, but it wasn't really. It was just going through each plan of escape to find out what had the least casualties, though, in the end, I think the Machine realized someone had to die no matter how they got out of the situation.

So, the situation is, Samaritan has decided to take control of the stock market. Literally and that's a scary sight. The team decides to break into the stock building to install a program that the Machine then could level the stock market a bit, but like I said, it comes at a price. Especially when Samaritan realizes what is happening and sends it's own hit squad in.

It took me a minute to realize we weren't in live mode when the Machine went through all those scenes to try to figure out which one was best. So, I was pretty upset when I thought that Harold had gotten shot and died! You could imagine my relief when I realized it wasn't real. It was just interesting seeing it though the Machine's eyes, sort to speak, on how it computes all that stuff.

Like I said, I think the Machine realized someone had to die in all of this. There wasn't a safe way around them all getting out alive. Which came to the horrible conclusion that Shaw was the one who had to give up her life for her friends. Not before her revealing the thing I've been wondering since the beginning, her and Root. But they do tease that maybe Shaw isn't dead, that Samaritan just has her somewhere. Why would they keep Shaw alive then since they've hunted her for so long? Just doesn't seem logical to me, but I am hoping that Shaw is alive. I don't want another death so soon on this show. But I do have a funny feeling that this was last time we saw her.