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Pretty Little Liars "Bloody Hell" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's nice to know that the girls now know that Ali couldn't possibly be -A and are trying to mend things with Ali by visiting her in jail, minus Hanna who chickened out at the last minute, to let her know how sorry they feel for betraying their friend. Ali took the news surprisingly well. The only part that made her look upset was when they told her that Mona wouldn't be coming back. Which makes me wonder, could Mona have been her "get out of jail" free card? Now that that is gone, Ali has to look elsewhere for help in getting out of jail before it's too late.

And that help is Mrs. Hastings. Who wasn't thrilled to learn that her daughter decided to see Ali in jail. I could see where she was coming from. I mean, Spencer was almost there herself instead of Ali, but in a way, I think Mrs. Hastings kind of overreacted. Especially since she wanted to basically send Spencer halfway around the world to a college interview. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looked like Spencer was actually in London, too. Maybe -A really is trying to keep the girls in Rosewood. Since the blood vile that was in Spencer's purse that -A claimed putting there, broke open right at the end of her successful interview. I'm sure that place won't be accepting her anytime soon. Anybody else find it odd that Wren and Melissa weren't there when Spencer showed up? Just makes me wonder.

Things seem to be going good for Emily with the pageant until a bump in the road, named Alison, starts to mess up the chances for Hanna to get her college money. Here I was thinking too that they were objecting to Emily because of who she dated, but that wasn't the case at all. I guess being friends with something who could be a murderer doesn't sit well with them. But with Talia telling them off or threatening them or whatever you wanna call it, might not have been the best move. I think her rage over things ending with Eric kind of the got the better of her. Yep, she finally had "the talk" with Eric, who basically threw her out. Though Emily offering her a place to stay might not have been the smartest move, either.

Ashley teaches her daughter something without even realizing she had. Ted finally called Ashley back and the wedding is on! She was so happy! I'm so glad they worked things out. But Hanna isn't thrilled. She doesn't think it's right that Ted made Ashley wait that whole time for him to make up his mind, but Ashley is glad he did. Which made Hanna come to the realization that she should patch things up with Ali. Which she does and it results in a surprising apology from Ali. Saying that since she's been in jail, she's starting to realize what she must have been like to her friends. Hopefully that was a heartfelt apology and that's what it seemed like, but you know Ali. She's a pretty good actress, but for her sake, I hope she's not acting.

The dreaded -A fate almost came for two characters tonight. The first one was for Cyrus who I'm sure is gone by now. After he revealed a clue to Hanna and Aria. -A was watching the whole time. We all know what happens when someone gets too close or wants to spill the beans on who -A is. I'm sure Cyrus knew that was coming, since he already said that the accident was a set up by -A. He's probably not surprised by what happened next. Aria tried to prevent the same fate from happening to her brother. Saying that Ali should hold off from telling her lawyers about what Mike has said until she can get -A off his tail, which she kind of did for now, at least. I'm sure -A will strike again when they find out they missed the first time. If it wasn't for Aria sneaking around in his room again, Mike would have been the one to use his workout machine again and that would have been the last time. Aria just managed to get a sprained ankle because of it. Which resulted in a  kiss from Andrew and Aria! I was wondering when that was gonna happen. Not sure if I liked it or not.

Since Mike's big secret was revealed last week, I hope that this doesn't mean that was the last time we will see him. Usually, when someone has a revealing like that, we never see them again. I really like Mike, so I hope that's not the case with him. Though I have a feeling that his story isn't quite done yet and hopefully that's not just wishful thinking.

The -A scene this week was weird. First, I thought it was a clue that perhaps Ted might be bad, but now I don't think that's what it was hinting at at all. -A has somehow still been sending messages to Ali in jail who got a couple creepy ones tonight. But the whole thing with putting money in each Bible, what was up with that? What did that mean? What's -A's plan with that? Though like most of these cryptic scenes, we may never find out or we will way later and won't remember this scene to put the two together and have a "aw, that's what they were doing" moment. I'm just wondering when one of these scenes will reveal another -A member again. I have a feeling that moment might be coming soon.