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Pretty Little Liars "Oh What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Two things I'm happy about in this episode. First, they finally realize that Holbrook isn't helping Ali and is just another bad cop. Second, that Mike could be Aria's worst nightmare. 

Ok, you may be wondering why I'm happy about those things. Mainly because the girls can hopefully focus on someone else for once and maybe, just maybe land on the right person this time. Ali is so not the murderer and how Holbrook was involved is still a mystery or even if he was involved, for that matter. But glad that they finally cleared his name. Looks like he could just be a bad cop after all and may have nothing to do with the case. Though he did bring up the other detective. Could she be more involved then we think?

Then there's Mike. I've suspected pretty much for a while that he's either helping -A or is somehow involved in it. Sometimes he'll act normal and then there will be something like what happened tonight, that puts up all sorts of red flags. With him being so worried about the book that Hanna and Leslie were carrying around, I knew something had to be in it. It was a tape of Bethany talking. One of the tapes that Spencer and Mona stole. Why did Mona want to keep that one? Though it was a pretty big hint on who entered Mona's room at the end. Since they (Mike) went right to the book and was upset when they (he) didn't find what they were looking for. Though I guess it couldn't have been Mike, but with how he was acting with the book, I just put two and two together. Which means if Mike really is more dangerous then we think, Aria could be in more trouble then when we thought Ezra was bad. I doubt he had anything to do with Mona's murder, but something's not right with him. What and who is he leaving that stuff for by the lake? That scene was very creepy. Even if Mike is innocence, which he might be since all the fingers are starting to point to him, he makes a very good bad guy. 

Couples starting to form everywhere and some maybe falling apart because of it. Well, Talia and Emily may have patched things up at the end there. Then there were moments with Johnny and Spencer. Still don't like Johnny, but that could be because I'm a huge Spoby fan. Ezra seems to be almost making the decision of Aria and Ezra breaking up for her, since he seemed to leave town without her even knowing about it. But Caleb and Hanna seem to be going to strong, which is good, since I'm not sure if she can handle anything else right now.

Leslie, the new girl. Have no clue what to think of her. Though towards the end when she started calling out Mike saying that he might have seen Mona the night she died, I'm not sure if she was telling the truth or not. But it could be because I've watched this show long enough to always be suspicious of a new character before they are considered ok in Rosewood.

Mama Hastings isn't thrilled that Spencer might not be going to college and that was a shock to me. Spencer has always been so focused on going to college and to learn that she might not was a surprise. I wonder if it does have partly to do with Johnny. I think she likes how he does his own thing. I don't think Spencer is quite used to that. 

Oh how I've missed the Mona flashbacks. They were kind of odd this time. Mona saying her secret wish was so she could have a special stop watch that would freeze time. One where she wouldn't age, but everybody else would around her. But still, it was nice to see that again. 

No new developments on the Ali case. Though we did learn that Mike is secretly visiting her. Why? Is that the reason why he's leaving stuff mysteriously in the woods by the lake? Or is this all just one big misunderstanding and the girls are going to be shocked to learn that no one they suspected from the beginning, was involved at all? Which I'm sure is the case, but still. I have a feeling something big is coming.