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Pretty Little Liars "Out Damned Spot" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, here's my theory: Mike is helping Ali keeping her friends safe. I think Cyrus is either good or bad, but I'm thinking Mike's intentions for whatever he's doing are a good thing. Like when Toby went on the -A team to help protect Spencer kind of thing. I mean, he made it very obvious when he stole the blood. He didn't have to. Makes me wonder if there's more to the story then the girls know right now. Well, of course there is, because that's how the show goes, but I'm wondering if in a way, Mike is trying to show the girls he's not bad. Now my theory could be way off, but now that that's out of the way, let's talk about that episode.

Kind of subdued from the past couple of episodes. No "Oh no are they gonna make it out alive?!" or "Why are you going in there by yourself?!" moments, but I still loved every minute of it. Of course, it is my favorite show, so that could have a tiny bit to do with it.

All is not as it seems with Talia who seems to be moving rather fast with Emily. I was shocked when I learned that Talia was married to a guy! I'm not sure if I like her explanation of why she's staying with him or not. 

Is it bad that Johnny is starting to actually warm up to me? Here's hoping he's not mixed up in all of this -A business. But Spencer and Johnny seem to have a lot in common and he might be good for her. Trying to show her that you can have fun at something even if you aren't good at it. But don't get me wrong, I'm still 100% team Spoby.

Who knew Hanna would be the one obsessing over college? I mean the other girls are in some way, but it seems more so with Hanna. I thought for sure that her Dad would be proud of the type of schools she was getting into and would jump at the chance to help. But that sadly wasn't the case when she learned her step sister was getting all the money instead. But I did love the pep talk Ezra gave Hanna. It was cute and exactly what she needed. On the bright side, well, I guess you could call it that, even though it doesn't totally turn out all well. Ashley accepted Ted's proposal offer! But then she decided to tell the truth about what happened and he didn't take it too well. Did Ashley take her daughter's advice and call Ted or could she have called Jason instead? I hope not and I also hope that Ashley and Ted work things out.

Poor Aria, thinking her brother is bad. It doesn't look good for him, but like I said, I think his intentions are good. I don't blame Aria one bit for wanting to stay at Spencer's house until they figure out what Mike is really up to. And it seems to me that Aria doesn't want to tell her friends that her and Ezra seem to have called things off or are at least taking a break. Maybe she doesn't want to admit it or maybe she hasn't decided what to do about the relationship yet. I was thinking that the whole tutoring thing with Andrew was gonna lead to something, but it actually didn't. 

-A was seen doing something with the blood samples that Mike stole earlier. Still watching that video of Hanna and Caleb when they were talking about stealing the stuff in the storage room. I couldn't even begin to think what -A would be up to with that stuff.