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Pretty Little Liars "Pretty Isn't The Point" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

-A is coming! Finally, us fans will know who's been torturing our four (five if you count Ali) favorite ladies since season one. To start the ball rolling on answering secrets, Mike is the first one out of the gate.

In the midst of all of this, the girls still have lives of their own. Aria thinking she's living with an -A helper. Emily's love life getting way more complicated then she had intended. Hanna realizing there's more to a beauty pageant then looking pretty and Spencer stumbling (literally) into a love triangle.

There are plenty of awkward situations in this new episode, but first up is Emily when she meets Eric, Talia's husband for the first time! Emily isn't sure how to handle the situation at all. Not knowing how much Eric knows and probably doesn't want to say the wrong thing, either. It's made worse when Emily learns that he thinks this is just a quick phase Talia is going through and will eventually end up with him. Which led to Emily breaking things off with Talia for good.

Hanna comes to her breaking point when she realizes her step sister has entered the same pageant she has. Just once, Hanna wishes Kate wouldn't steal her spotlight. But it looks like Kate won't let that one go. Or so we think. It was actually all an evil plan from -A to get Hanna to throw her chance of winning the pageant because Kate got into her head and turned her little dance routine into an awful, angry workout. After the coach rudely told Hannah she would never win, she offered a spot to Emily! She has decided to take it! Not because she wants to win, but because she wants to help out Hanna and Emily doesn't care if -A goes after her, she's going to do it because she wants to help out her friend. Made me realize how strong Emily has gotten over the seasons.

Awkward situation number two. When Spencer sees Toby on campus while hanging out with Johnny. That introduction or whatever that was, just made things more awkward. Toby was totally jealous. Makes me wonder if that's partly why Toby arrested Johnny later. Yep, Johnny got arrested because he found is "art work" a.k.a. vandalism, in some art gallery studio being sold by the art owner who didn't care he was selling someones work without permission. This little incident had -A written all over it, but no mysterious text was sent, odd. While Toby was arresting Johnny, though, Toby said something that was quite interesting. Is the reason why Toby has been pulling away from Spencer, is because he's protecting her again from something? Saying Tanner wants to use their relationship. Just makes me wonder if there's more to him pulling away then we think.

After you think Mike is gonna go all WWE smackdown on Aria in their living room, he finally gets her attention and spills his very juicy secret. He has in fact been helping Mona! Yep, there's a small chance that Mona could still be alive! But after this episode, Mike isn't so sure. She's missed a couple of their meet ups. Also, Mike finally told Aria (who later told the girls), that Ali couldn't be -A or have killed Mona. Finally, that truth comes out! Now they can go back to concentrating on finding the real killer. In a revealing Mona flashback, we learn that Mike knows about -A and that Mona indeed faked her death all to convince big -A that she is committed to this so they could meet face to face. But the girls think that big -A double crossed Mona and killed Mona for real. I felt so bad for Mike all over again. But please, tell me this doesn't mean something bad for Mike is coming! You know what happens to people when they get too close to finding the truth about -A. They end up dying and things don't look good for Mike when -A was in his room at the end messing with his workout equipment.