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Scorpion "Going South" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode proved that the team hasn't fully figured out how to work as a team. Ok, it was mainly Walter who had the brilliant idea to get some publicity for the team, but didn't actually ask the rest of the team if they wanted to be apart of it. The only mention they had in the whole interview, made it seem like they weren't as important to Walter solving all this crimes. Not to mention the interviewer totally messing up all the job titles, except for Walter's. Which made Walter get a little bit of a big head.

Their new case needs them to act as a team. Though going to the actual town in Mexico that is basically run by drug cartels, was Walter's idea, it probably was the only way to get the kidnapped daughter out alive. This town is down right scary. Even the mercenaries are afraid to go there. You know that's gotta be bad news.

Basically, Walter thinks "my way, or the high way". Well, Toby said it tonight, but it probably went without saying. Of course, most of the time Walter is the reason why they can work through a situation, he still has to learn to listen to other people because you never know when a better idea might come along. Of course, if someone else does suggest something, he probably would just point out that he is the smartest guy in the room.

Yes, his plan did work. No, Happy's didn't. Seeing as she got kidnapped, but thank goodness it was by a wanna be drug cartel. Poor kid, literally. He didn't know what to do and thought getting into the "business" was his way in to get money. In a way, it was good thing they stumbled onto that kid, since he ended up saving Happy's life later on once they were in the kidnappers building. 

There were feelings hurt over the whole interview thing, but the biggest one that was hurt was Sylvester when he decided to drop the bomb. He's been trying his hardest to find the perfect time to tell Walter that he's been dating Megan. Sure, telling Walter right after they were robbed at gun point, then had the money stolen that could have tracked down the girl easier, wasn't the best time to do it. But it was probably then or never. What really ate at him was not knowing why his friend was mad. He never really did get a clear reaction. Through Paige's guidance, Walter was able to let Sylvester know that he wasn't upset that they were dating. He knew that Sylvester wouldn't be able to handle a loved one dying. Which could be in the very near future, from the sounds of it. Which made me love Sylvester even more. To hear him say that he will stick with her no matter what because of how Megan makes him feel, was just the sweetest thing ever. Sylvester shows how sweet he truly is, when he makes it so Megan can dance. 

After the happy family reunion between the father and daughter, Walter wanted to keep the good times rolling and apologize to his team for not including them in the interview. It's progress, slowly, but surely, it is. But working on this case also brought something else to the table that I hope won't ever be considered. A job offer to work in a think tank, which Walter declined.  Let's face it, even though Walter can be a jerk, a big head and doesn't totally work with the team well, he is still kind of the glue that binds them together. 


  1. Great review

    I like that Walter can be a jerk sometimes, not all problems can be solved by a high IQ, in fact Gabe had to step up this episode into a natural leadership role to keep the team on task.

    All is redeemed at the end and although there is often a sentimental ending that can be predictable I am still affected and enjoy it. I am glad in your review you also found the Sylvester and Megan story sweet, I was afraid Megan would be an unnecessary and distracting addition to the shows storyline but it has enriched it.


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