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Scorpion "Love Boat" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

After two weeks off, this show had a brilliant come back episode. Super intense and I had no clue what was going to happen. They've improved so much. From the story line between Walter and Paige and Toby and Happy and now a surprise story line that I was hoping would form, Sylvester and Megan.

Valentine's Day has hit and is giving everybody love bug fever. Even little Ralph who faked being sick to come home after his trying to give his friend a Valentine's Day card failed. Toby was so sweet with him and trying to "win his girl" sort to speak and it worked. Maybe for Toby as well.

Paige, Walter, Agent Gallo and Sylvester (who is afraid of boats and can't swim - just keep that in mind), go undercover on a cruise ship. Now it was pretty evident from the beginning that they weren't going to get the stuff they needed in time to get off the boat, but it turned into something horribly deadly.

Not only do they have to get the guns off the boat without anybody else knowing about it, Sylvester has to face his fears more then once while being the husband of Paige (just a cover) and having to fake it through dinner. He actually pulls it off and later becomes the hero. Loved seeing Sylvester get over one of his fears all because his best friend was in danger. 

Ok, it was pretty obvious that the Captain was in on it somehow. It was no coincidences that he just so happened to get all the passengers together after they realized that Walter and Gallo were trying to take the guns away and wouldn't answer their questions as to who they worked for. Now the bad guys want to match all the names to the passengers and if it doesn't match, then bye bye passenger. Which means big trouble for Paige and Sylvester. 

That's why action hero Sylvester kicks in. When Paige gets kidnapped again by the bad guy and he does some pretty brave things in order to stop it. Then he realizes Walter has been taken captive instead and that just makes Sylvester want to save him even more. That meant jumping into water. Yes, the guy who can't swim, dove into water to save his friend! Now that's what I call a friend. Paige was able to stop the boat before Sylvester was sucked under, thank goodness. Oh, not to mention that the Captain really was in on it, but he ended up being the true bad guy they were looking for!

Phew, now that that's over, they can spend a quiet Valentine's day. Which I was hoping would have a little Walter/Paige moment, but it sadly didn't since Walter ran into his old girlfriend and he asked for some pointers on how not to mess up a relationship again. Because of that the "business dinner" he had planned, he decided to cancel. Will they ever get a proper moment? Of course, if they do, it might not be for a while, since that's one of the main story lines. Toby and Happy almost have a moment! Kind of what I was thinking would happen. They would have a moment before Walter and Paige would, but it didn't happen. It was interrupted by the fact that Toby was breaking the law with the thing he helped Ralph get. Toby created a firework display go get the attention of the girl Ralph likes. It worked, for both of them actually. Almost had a kiss with Toby and Happy, but sadly, nope. At least we got to see them hold hands for now. Oh and Sylvester and Megan, how cute is that! Something I was hoping I wasn't wrong on sensing. But he's nervous and doesn't want anyone to know, since she's Walter's sister. Walter however, approves of right now, though he doesn't know it's his sister, yet. I like it that we are getting some bits and pieces of relationships here and there and that they are slowing coming together. Watching them get together is just as fun as them actually being together. To me, anyways.