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The Mentalist "Nothing But Blue Skies" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Yes, I realize how old this season premiere is. Hey, I was even seeing Christmas stuff during it, but once a show I like has ended, I like to wait until the full season is recorded until I watch it. Since it ended last week, I can now start it and in a marathon if I wish. Once I started it, I realized how much I had missed the show and am sad that it's ending.

Wanting the whole thing between Patrick and Teresa to happen since episode 1, I was basically in heaven during this episode. Seeing them so happy together, even when they were trying to hide it while working on their new case, it was just awesome. The fact that Patrick is happy is even better, too. He suffered a long time, so he finally deserves a happy ending and I'm thinking that's coming for him. I also loved seeing how happy Teresa was, too. It was just cute seeing them in love at each other. 

I don't know how long they will keep up the secret. Since Abbott seems to already be picking up on things not right around the two. And I have a feeling that Patrick might be the one who lets it slip the first time. Especially when Patrick wanted to stand up to the guy for telling Teresa she doesn't handle her team right. It won't be forever that they will keep their love a secret. Teresa wants to just take some time. I mean, she did almost marry a guy who had a very awkward conversation with Patrick at the end of this episode, but I can't wait until it'll be out in the open. Though I have a feeling when it is, the whole team will know about it already.

New comer, Michelle is here to take Fishers place. Bummed Fisher won't be back, but I do like the actress of Michelle (originally starred in 'Make It Or Break It' - in case anybody else was wondering), but I'm not sure if her character on this show is to be trusted. Of course, I could be reading way too much into it and I've only watched just this one episode, but for a newbie, I felt like she was asking a whole to of questions. Sure, she is new and is trying to get the feel of how Patrick runs stuff, but still, I just felt a little off.

Their new case involves an undercover FBI agent getting shot. The FBI doesn't want anybody to know he was an undercover cop, but thanks to Patrick blurting it out, they do now. However, that was just the trick they needed in order to solve the case. 

I never get tired of watching Patrick do his thing. Doing his normal "wrist" thing trying to figure out where the guns are, but that ended up being a whole trap because that was a plant by Patrick! Well, the lady was in on the whole gun selling business, but she wasn't the only one. In the end, they ended up solving two murders. The one of the FBI agent and one of a kidnapped little boy a long time ago. The FBI agent ended up being the witness of the kidnapping and recognized the guys voice.

Marcus meeting up with Patrick was just awkward all the way around. Especially when Marcus launched into that whole "I was going to give Teresa a plan, a future" speech. Thank goodness Patrick didn't keep that a secret and told Teresa what was said and that she doesn't care that Patrick doesn't have anything for her. All they need is love. Pretty amazing start to the final season and I think by the time the series finale comes, I'll be sad, but I'm sure I'll love the turn out, since I think I already know how it ends.