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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Aftershocks" (Winter Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is it possible that I like Fitz even more after tonight? Why, yes, somehow it is. Even if he's not fully himself from season 1, I still love his character and what he did for Skye made me love him even more. He may possibly be my favorite character after tonight. Let's just hope nothing bad will happen to him. Well, nothing bad again, I should say. Fitz has grown a lot. Finally accepting who he is and I think he'll be a big help to Skye. Even if her father doesn't think being with Shield is the best place for her, I think Fitz will try to help with that. 

The season premiere didn't pick up where it left off and I kind of would have liked it to have. It would have been nice to actually see how they got out instead of Coulson filling us in on what had happened. Not that that was a bad way to do it either.

Everybody is having to deal with the death of Tripp. Some are dealing with it harder then others. Skye is blaming herself. Saying if she never even went down into the city, Tripp would still be alive. Then there's Mack. Who's back to himself, but having a hard time with adjusting and basically blew up at Coulson blaming him for what happened.

Instead of turning into something beautiful like Raina thought she would, she turned into something scary looking. Looking like an alien herself. Quite disturbing what has become of her and in a way, I almost felt sorry for her. She was going to try to end her life, thanks to the lovely suggestion of Skye's father, but the guy with no eyes (why does he have to have no eyes, I mean, seriously? Anything else to creep me out?), the one we saw at the beginning who I'm thinking was being helped by Skye's mom, saved her. 

That trap by Coulson was pretty awesome and I loved those moves May did while "trying to get them out of there". Knew something had to be up when May and Coulson ended up dying. It was all a trap and it worked. Hunter is now in with the bad guy and trying to get on his good side. 

What was up with Mack and Bobbi at the end? That whole conversation didn't seem good to me at all. Please tell me they aren't working for Hydra. I don't want to go through that again. Especially since that was the main focus of season 1. I always hate it when a show repeats story lines. In a way, though, I wonder if Fury is having them do it and maybe perhaps trying to rebuild Shield to what it once was? That might not be it at all, but let's just hope they aren't bad. 


  1. I sure hope they aren't evil! I like Mockingbird and it would be sad to turn a classic comic character evil. And Fitz is just the sweetest this episode, it is true.


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