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Castle "The Wrong Stuff" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What a perfect case for Castle and Kate to work on for Castle's first time back with the police! It was fun, goofy, but still amazing as always. And not to mention, it just so happened to be one of Castle's favorite cases ever!

Their case, you may ask? Well, someone gets murdered on Mars! Ok, not really Mars, but a simulation in order to prepare a group to actually go up to Mars one day and live. But how could have someone gotten in such an air tight place without anyone knowing? Well, a little digging and researching later, got to the answers they needed.

While all of this is going on, Castle and Kate are having home trouble. No, not a newlywed thing, but a small house with too many people thing. I'm not sure how I feel about what the solution ended up being, but it may help with their feeling of too crowded. Martha has decided to move out! Since she now has a boyfriend, which was a surprising addition, but I hope this doesn't mean the end of seeing Martha. Even if she isn't in every episode, I still love it when she is in it. Also, could Alexis have a new boyfriend? They were seen playing laser tag at the beginning and his name is David.

As it turns out, on their new case, someone did sneak into the Mars simulation, but  not to murder Thomas. It was to steal what the simulation looked like so the competition could try to beat out someone for getting to Mars first. So who killed Thomas? Well, it ended up being the rest of the crew who ended up doing it. They were all in on it. Thomas, supposedly, was a threat to their mission and instead of trying to deal with it, their bright solution was to kill the guy and get it over with and create alibis for the rest of them.

Castle doing his own crazy theories is way better then Ryan doing them. Though it was cool that Ryan did feel the need to fill his shoes, sort to speak. But Castle is way better at them. His theory this time? Of course, they had to bring up Alien. Especially when Kate and Castle thought they were getting attacked by someone not earthly, which turned out to be just a decoy. I'm so glad this team is back together and I can't wait for the break to be over to watch more of them.