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NCIS: LA "Savoir Faire" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I wasn't too thrilled about this episode. The beginning of the season seemed really good, but now at least I feel like it hasn't been the best. It hasn't gone down hill, but they haven't had any real edge of your seat stuff. But I guess you'd call these episodes the filler episodes until we get closer to the season finale.

It did have plenty of Sam and Callen. Not total banter like in the past, but it was different this time when Callen realized he and his best friend don't have anything in common. Doesn't he know that opposites attract? Finding out that Sam trades stock and is working with Granger was a little unsettling. I'm not sure if anybody else doesn't like Granger, but it was just a bit odd and a very unlikely pair, but I guess that's what Callen was realizing he and Sam were. He was thinking "Why are we even friends?". Then Hetty, oh Hetty, she literally knows everything that goes on in her work place, doesn't she? She finally told Callen what they have in common in the end. It was too funny.

Anyways, back to the case. Their new case is that a guy who was training with the US in a new program with two other guys, got stabbed and died. Now the other guy has been kidnapped and the third guy is on the run for his life trying not to get kidnapped. I knew from the beginning that the guys weren't actually supposed to kill the guy. Even if I couldn't understand the language, I got that much just from their reaction, so for them to not realize that until half way through the episode was kind of weird. But what did they need them for? Well, to torture them to get info out of them, but the one guy captured, didn't say anything. They got to him in time and everything is fine.

The switch was hilarious. Sam and Callen are so at each other right now and with everybody on different sides of why the other guy hasn't gotten kidnapped, kind of tore up the whole group for a while. So, they switched partners. Kensi working with Sam and Callen working, well, sort of, with Deeks. Callen wasn't too thrilled about them switching partners and having to get Deeks, so he kind of shut Deeks out of the whole partner process. But that's not how Sam and Kensi worked. They actually worked well together. So well that Sam actually complemented Kensi for catching something that could have ended up badly. 

Ok, it wasn't a bad episode, just one that I wasn't too thrilled about. Normally I don't mind filler episodes, but yeah, this one just wasn't my cup of tea.