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NCIS: New Orleans "The List" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A love triangle could be forming. No, not between Chris and Brodie and someone else. In fact, it might be between Brodie, Sam (the doctor from a few episodes back) and her ex-fiance who's rolled into town! 

Their new case was interesting. The new murder victim, the weapon that he was killed with, is also linked to two other unsolved murders from a while ago. But then they find a sort of hitlist in an forgotten part of town. 

Yes, it was basically a serial killer, but it ended up being a vigilante. Someone who felt the need to seek justice themselves, since the police either gave up or they just felt like they needed to do it themselves. It ended up being one of the homeless people that Momma T was helping. I don't think she was exactly involved in it, but she sort of was. But because of this case, the police realize they need to finish looking into the woman's death of her son.

I'm not sure how the scene at the end, ended up. But I'm thinking Brodie decided to go back to her ex-fiance. Even if it was clear that she seemed to like the doctor and he had a thing for her. But this case made her realize that the heart wants what it wants, which may not always be the best. But for now, I guess she's choosing her ex-fiance.