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NCIS "Patience" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A 40 year old case finally gets some closures, but it did take some surprising twists and turns. It's unusual for this show to not totally have an obvious suspect anymore, so it was nice to have someone I wasn't expecting to be the bad guy.

McGee gets super jealous when he realizes Tony is called in on the new murder when he was actually on his way to some vacation. Then to learn that he wasn't read in on the cold case and then when he realizes that Abby could have been cheating on him when they were dating. Hopefully he's able to move past it and be able to trust his coworkers again. Everybody gets jealous. No matter how old you are.

The funniest thing had to be when Tony and Ellie went undercover as a married couple. Can you say awkward? The class that they ended up going to wasn't a becoming a parent class but something much more intimate. Which made for some hilarious screen time for Tony and Ellie. Mainly awkward for Ellie. Hoping she wouldn't have to do anything weird, since she is really married. I was hoping that they had a little more screen time with that, but it was still funny. 

Abby in the field! That was sure nice to see and something we haven't seen in a long time. McGee trying his hardest to not get past up again and volunteered to go on the ship. It was cute to see them work together again like that. And Jimmy is back! Him trying to get in to MTAC was hilarious. Why he didn't just call Gibbs to let him know the news that Ducky had found, was beyond me, but it was still funny to watch. Unless he did try to call Gibbs and he didn't answer. 

So, the bad guy, ended up being the Ambassador to Columbia. The one that was in on the case the whole time. Leading everybody astray so that she could keep the true bad guy safe. But in the end, she finally came clean so that they could catch the right guy and finally give everybody a peace of mind. I was just surprised that it ended up being her.