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NCIS "Status Update" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk! 

Another McGee filled episode, but I loved it! I love it when they do "character episodes". One of the few shows I watch that does this. Centers on a certain character and McGee got to take the spotlight again. His life is a bit complicated when Delilah comes home and he doesn't even know it.

So glad his girlfriend is back! I missed her and from the beginning of the episode, I was wondering if he and his girlfriend were experiencing problems when it was clear that McGee was flirting with a fellow coworker. Maybe McGee was thinking on ending things with Delilah, but this whole case changed his mind, if that was ever in his mind.

As it turns out, their new case has to deal a lot more with Delilah's job then NCIS thought. That was mainly due to the part of Delilah in fact, being undercover in order to try to take down the guy that they've been looking for, who has now added murder on his list of felines. 

This guy, breaks into houses, steals stuff and then leaves. But his last job met up with another thief and of course, he couldn't have that, so he murdered the girl. 

Delilah was undercover trying to track the guy and stage a meeting and that all went horribly wrong with the guy himself, started to get way more interested in her then they wanted. Which led to a sticky situation with McGee and Delilah who got kidnapped by the guy. 

Thank goodness Gibbs came in when he did. I don't like to think of how that scene would have turned out if he hadn't come charging in when he did. Because of all this, McGee and Delilah finally got the proper reunion they've both been wanting.