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Once Upon A Time "Enter The Dragon" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"Enter The Dragon", i.e. the story of how Maleficent came back to her bad self and I'm hoping that this won't be the same case for Regina back in the real world.

Regina having to go undercover to see what the Queen of Darknesses plans are, goes pretty well, even though you can totally tell Regina hates doing the things she has to do in order to prove she's still evil. That means kidnapping Pinocchio. Of course, she does try to tell them that she's already been down this path, but they think Regina has asked too nicely.

Still not sure how I like Belle and Will together, but at least he makes her happy. Though, when Hook came to Belle asking about the dagger and thinking that's what the threesome were after, should have been a big red flag to her. But then again, I wasn't expecting Hook to be Rumple himself. That would totally explain how Hook was acting. But this was all a plan to get Rumple's dagger back into his hands. Which is not a good idea. Especially with how he uses it.

So, the fairy tale world. Regina thinks Rumple isn't teaching her magic fast enough and wants another teacher. That's where Maleficent comes in, but she's not at all what I was expecting or what Regina was expecting either. She's let herself go after her last run as a dragon. Saying she can't turn into a dragon anymore and Regina says it's because Maleficent lost the fire in her. Regina is the one who brings it back to her. Which makes Regina realize that Rumple is probably the safer one to learn magic from and starts to slowly get her first revenge on Snow White by killing her horse. I'm just hoping that Maleficent doesn't bring back the evil Regina.

Rumple has decided to reveal himself to Regina! I'm not sure why he did that, but he is the reason they might get info and find out who the Author is, which is what Regina and the evil threesome are after. Though the threesome are after him for bad reasons, Regina just wants a happy ending. The group wants a happy ending, but to take away all the heroes happy endings. With the dagger back, Rumple has the power to bring back August! It was actually nice to see him, but I feel bad for him. They are going to torture him and Regina won't be able to do anything about it to help him without blowing her cover.