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Once Upon A Time "Unforgiven" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The secrets out! Well, sort of. At least Regina knows what Mary Margaret and David did to Maleficent, but in a way, I'm kind of disappointed that's all that it was. Though, I guess coming from them, it wouldn't be something big and awful like I was thinking it was. Ok, yes, having been the reason why Maleficent lost her child was a pretty horrible thing, I was just thinking it was going to be something different. But like I said, coming from those two, I probably shouldn't be surprised it was just that.

Well, two secrets are out. The first one with Mary Margaret and David and the second one being that they now know that the villains they let into town, are actually still villains and are up to no good. Glad that secret didn't stay a secret for too long, but hopefully it'll build up to something exciting. Though I am loving the new villains so far. Probably the best ones in a while. It's refreshing.

Mary Margaret and David want to keep the secret from Emma because they believe it's the undoing their daughter would need in order to turn to the dark side. I mean, having parents like Snow White and Prince Charming should mean something good and that she'll come out of it, but according to the fairy tale world, Maleficent said that just because of that very thing, their child could someday end up like them. So, Mary Margaret and David did anything they could to keep that from happening. I wonder if that could be why Maleficent lost her child? 

Mr. Gold is still hiding in the shadows, but did play a huge part in brining Maleficent back to life. How she did die, I don't know. But that's what I was first thinking that Mary Margaret and David did. That they had something to do with her dying in the fairy tale world, she did something horrible so they wouldn't have to go the long way round to the tree of wisdom they were trying to get to. But that wasn't the case. I'm sure we will find out how she did die soon, since that seems to be the theme of the second half of the season. Not that that's a bad theme, but sometimes plots that get over fast is a bad thing. Hopefully something major is on it's way because of it.

Regina is desperate in trying to find out who the Author of the book is. So desperate, that we almost saw the evil part of Regina, (that in a way I kind of miss, is that weird?) when she tried to get Pinocchio to reveal something he might have remembered when he took the book apart and put in a new story. But apparently when the Blue Fairy turned him back into a child, it took away his memories of an adult and he doesn't remember. Though that little incident and the way that Ursula and Cruella talked to Regina in front of Henry about Regina's past, did bring Regina the courage she needed in order to apologize to Gepetto. Which led to some clues that could help in finding the Author.

Mr. Gold is lurking in the shadows. Rather creepily I might add. But here's a shock. Belle is seeing Will! Isn't it kind of sudden that she moved on so fast? But good for her, too. Though I'm not sure how I like it because Belle is the one thing in Mr. Gold's life that sort of made him be good. Even if it didn't last long, but it brought something good out of him and seeing that I'm sure won't be good for anyone. 

Mary Margaret and David have decided to tell Emma the truth about what happened. Or have they? They awkwardly stand in the corner while Emma has a private conversation with Hook and then make noise when they are about to leave and interrupt a kiss. But the conversation Hook and Emma had, made them realize to not say anything. But the longer you keep something a secret, the harder it is for them when they find out. Mary Margaret is now wanting to keep the secret no matter what, since Emma is finally letting someone into her life, but does Mary Margaret not remember that every time Emma has tried this, the person ends up dying? I hope that's not the same fate for Hook, but still, it's not like she hasn't tried before. This leads to Mary Margaret coming to Regina for help. Saying she wants Regina to go undercover with Ursula, Cruella and Maleficent in order to find out what's going on. Which by the sounds of it, could mean we might see evil Regina once again. I just hope that's not the case.