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Person of Interest "Guilty" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This Person of Interest episode went old school! And by old school, I mean season 1 type episodes. Where they focused on the new number, had amazing action and it was just John and Harold. It made me realize how much I truly missed the old way of the show. However, I do love Shaw and Root, but sometimes I feel like they focused too much on them and left Harold and John in the dust. This episode made up for all of that. 

You know, Harold getting summoned to jury duty having never been before, you'd think he'd wonder if this was the Machine's doing. That's what I thought of when it happened. These characters don't do normal things unless there's a reason behind it. The reasoning behind this one was that Harold had to protect the new number and figure out if she was bad or not.

Emma, is their new number. Someone who's immediately likable and who you feel bad for in the end when you realize what's happening to her. At first, I was thinking that this was Samaritans doing. Trying to say like "hey, I can control the courtroom, too", which I'm sure it can, but there was no connection to that and no mention of the battle between the machines at all, which was nice to take a break from that. But is Emma bad or is she being forced to do dirty work?

As it turns out, she was being forced to do dirty work. Because she considers herself a pushover and that's what the guy who forced her to fix the trial was thinking too. Even when she was thinking about backing out of it, the person behind it all had a back up plan already in play. 

In the end, everything works out fine. But with a little help. Try as they might, they couldn't stop Zoe and  Fusco helping. Fusco at the end, told John that he has already made up his mind on helping them and doesn't care if he has to die for a good cause. I think John was trying to protect himself, too. Not wanting to lose another friend. But if it wasn't the help from them, the case probably wouldn't have been solved. The true bad guy ended up being the lady that died (who was murdered and the suspect was the husband), was her right hand man. Trying to stop her from saying that the thing that would have made their company millions, was actually going to make people sick. 

Could John be falling in love?! At first, I was thinking it was going to be with Zoe, since I felt like I sensed something between them the first time they met, then I was thinking it was Shaw (which we all know by now that won't be happening), but now it looks like his love interest is the therapist! John saying that he wants to keep doing sessions, but I think that's just an excuse to see her. But finally! Is all I can say. John hasn't had a love interest on the show, well if you count Carter, which I don't.  Not saying all shows need one, but it's nice for a change.