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Person of Interest "Q&A" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Show is still going old school and I love it, but with a sudden surprise at the end I didn't see coming and it was a good one, too, since one of our beloved team members almost got kidnapped by Samaritan or else.

Their new number, Anna, is in pretty serious trouble. Well, I guess what number isn't in trouble, but still, it was pretty crazy since the team is only John and Harold with the occasional help from Fusco. Anna works at a computer place that is setting up something like Siri, but is named Val. However, Anna has discovered some things in Val that don't add up. Like when certain people ask for a number for a suicide hotline, it actually furthers their depression by bringing up ways to end their life and no one wanted to try to figure out why that was happening or if they got close, they either got bought off and promoted or you never heard from them again.

Anna is the one that they want to out this time, which John has to protect, but it's not as easy as that. Anna is an underground fighter and puts up quite a fight when John tries to protect her. Eventually, through a bunch of scary "are they going to make it?" scenes, they get to the bottom of what was happening. The person who was in charge of the whole thing with the Val issue wasn't the lady after all. I was thinking it was her all along, but it turned out to be Calvin. 

For Harold's shake, I was hoping he was totally wrong in thinking that Claire was actually a plant by Samaritan and she even had me going the whole time until she let it slip up that she knew his name! Claire was in fact bad. A plant by Samaritan to try to get Harold to come over to Samaritan. If it wasn't for Root, I don't know where Harold would have gone. Yep, you read that right, Root saved the day! I have never been so happy to see Root. John was busy trying to protect Fusco and Anna's friend and had no clue all of this was going on with Harold. How Root knew, I don't know, since I thought she had given up on the Machine when it decided to stop them from finding Shaw. So, it was a surprise, but a good one, because Harold needed the saving, badly. 

But then at the end, when Claire went to Greer to apologize for showing Harold the very creepy school that Samaritan decided to make (I still don't think that school is as good as Claire thinks it is), I think, well, hoping that she begins to realize that Harold is right about Samaritan. That the machine is bad and isn't trying to save the world like she thinks it is. Since Greer told her that if Claire had to die in the process of trying to get Harold over to the bad side, then so be it. 

And I was right all along! It seems that the whole error thing with Val was actually a plant by Samaritan. Since Greer decided to show up to the offices and was trying to strike up a deal with them after all of this went down. I was thinking from the beginning that this sounded like Samaritans doing. Trying to off people who were in debt to slowly weed out the population to start over. What a nice machine huh? I hope it loses the war with Harold's Machine and Harold's Machine can take things back under control and truly save lives again.